To the Graveyard

Prior to actually typing out a post, I construct the general layout and theme in my head.  Normally I do this while on my 5am morning run or while I am actually eating the item.  I had the layout and first paragraph done for this post already and then, Bam!, it changed.  In the mornings, I do weights/jumping jacks and read the Food Blogs I follow – a total oxymoron.  Well, while doing so today, I come to find out the item we are going to discuss, Ben & Jerry Key Lime Pie Ice Cream, has been around before!  Yes, it may have that Limited Batch label but, it’s been a Limited Batch in the past.  Ohh snap.  So, rather than say how Limited items aren’t always great, I will simply begin with send that ice cream To the Graveyard.

A few weeks back, I picked up this B&J Key Lime Pie Ice Cream when they were BOGO at Publix.  I purchase B&J maybe once a year on the BOGO deal.  Sure it’s a good offer but, I really don’t love B&J.  The Key Lime Pie Ice Cream had ‘Limited Batch’ written all over it so, I said what the heck.  Taylor loves Key Lime Pie and, though I’m not a big fan, Publix did have a Key Lime Pie Ice Cream in the past that I loved.  In addition to being Limited Batch, the ice cream is said to have meringue swirls and graham cracker pieces.  Since I purchased this at Publix during my 7am grocery trip, I waited until later in the afternoon to try it.  After letting it thaw out for about 2 minutes, I dug my spoon right in.

I placed my spoon right into the pint-sized container and came up with a good mixture of consistency but, the color was all pretty much the same – an off-white-cream-beige color throughout.  I could see where the meringue swirls were however, the graham cracker pieces seemed to be missing.  Rather than wait any longer, I placed the spoon in my mouth and let the ice cream melt.  ‘Yuck’ was my first reaction.  I should have stopped there but, I decided to try 1 more spoonful to be sure that I was tasting the right thing.

Neither of my spoonfuls were any good.  The first thing I noticed – the taste of the key lime within the ice cream, was so fake and over-exaggerated.  It was like they were trying way too hard to make this key lime flavor.  Rather than allow the key lime to be natural and delicious, this B&J ice cream displayed the key lime as artificial and overbearing.  I realize key lime is a pretty strong flavor but, this was ridiculous.  It really ruined the ice cream.  While I didn’t care for the flavor of the meringue swirls, the consistency was spot on – even with my eyes closed, I knew exactly what I was eating.  The meringue had that intense creaminess & lightness which it should always have.  As for the missing graham cracker pieces, they were there…just in pulverized variety.  Rather than having chunks of graham cracker, you received tiny-gritty pieces of the graham crackers.  Besides the fact that the consistency was gross, these pieces added no flavor whatsoever.

B&J Key Lime Ice Cream is neither delicious nor refreshing.  I found the two bites I had to simply be gross and I would have no reason to ever purchase this again.  Even Taylor – the Key Lime Pie lover – did not like this ice cream.  We opted not to finish it…something that I almost never do.  That’s why, I was so shocked to hear that this was a Limited Batch that was brought back!!!  I can’t believe anyone likes this ice cream.  Even with the artificial flavors, the consistency of this is just not good.  For us, I’m glad this is Limited Batch and I will never be purchasing it again.  If it was up to me, I would send this pint with its artificial tastes & gritty graham crackers, To the Graveyard.