Funky Kwiky

Right off the bat, let me tell you, this is going to be a Funky Kwiky type of post.  My days are just so totally consumed with work, household chores and exercise, that I find it difficult to find the time to post.  Every weekend my goal is to get ahead but, every weekend I avoid the computer like the plague – I guess that’s what happens when you spend 40+ hours on the computer each week.  Any who, I wanted to at least get a post up today.  Since I haven’t synced up my photos with my hard drive, I am running out of images stored locally.  Lucky for you, I found one that is not only Funky but, will serve perfectly as a Kwiky.

A month or so back, during my weekly food shopping visit to Publix, I saw a basket of these bags sitting in an isle.  After further examination, I found that these goodies were called Funky Monkey and are Fruit that Crunches.  I then saw that this was Freeze Dried Fruit.  Remember the days when eating Space Food was really cool?  I totally recall purchasing Space Food wherever I could find it and then finding the taste of it so disgusting.  Even with that fact, I grabbed a baggy of this Funky Monkey.  After sitting in the pantry for a week or so, I cracked this thing open and tried it out.

The flavor listed was  ‘Bananamon’ which, in Kwiky terms, translates to Banana with Cinnamon.  Now, I am a huge banana fan, and I do like cinnamon, but, I can’t say that I have ever had the two combined.  Shaking out a few of these pieces, I found them to be about half-dollar in size with an outer coating that appeared to be Cinnamon.  They smelt just like bananas and the cinnamon scent was not too noticeable.  After snapping a picture, I popped one in my mouth and began to chew.

Blah! was the first thing that came to mind.  The consistency of this was dead on freeze-dried and so gross.  For anyone who has ever chewed Space Food, you will know the pieces of food get totally stuck in your teeth and it takes brushing before the pieces come out.  Plus, the taste of these was so gross.  I felt like I was eating, what baby food smells like.  And, it was foul.

For my second piece, I decided to let the bananamon melt in my mouth.  Well, the outcome of this was no better.  The baby food smell-taste still persisted.  While I could tell this was banana, the taste of cinnamon was quite distant.  I did taste the cinnamon more so in my melted piece rather than my chewed piece.  But, in both cases, the end product was Blah!  I ate maybe 4 of these pieces total and then could just not do any more.  As much as I hate wasting food, I could not bring myself to finish these.

A week or so after I tried these, I saw the basket again at Publix – this time with clearance price stickers attached.  My feeling is that everyone else in the Naples area, felt the same way as I did.  Going into this, I should have been prepared for the funky, freeze-dried consistency.  But, I was in no way prepared for the baby food smell-taste that I experienced.  I will never, ever purchase these again and maybe now I have finally learned my lesson with Freeze-Dried food products.  As I end this post in a Funky Kwiky way, I leave you with thoughts of Red, White & Blue and, of course, the Cincinnati Reds.