No Yelling Please

As you all know – it is a mandatory requirement to being my friend & follower – I am a HUGE Cincinnati Reds fan.  I eat, sleep and breath the Reds.  Since I live in Naples, I am pretty far from Cincinnati and only get to see a few live games a year.  This past weekend, was one of those times.  The Reds were playing the Marlins and we headed over for the Sunday game.  This was our 3rd trip to Marlns Ballpark and I planned on trying some new food options.  After racking up some mad graphs, and being within rows of my beloved Reds, it was time to eat.  I didn’t realize that this particular Sunday was also titled yell-at-the-food-service-staff-so-they-go-as-slow-as-possible.  Jeez people.  No Yelling Please.

In the Bottom of he 1st Inning, I made my way to the concessions.  Since I have already tried the veggie burger, fish tacos and nachos, I knew I would be opting for a new item.  My first plan was to try out the Sir Pizza.  But, when I arrived to the first concession stand for Mommy and Taylor’s food, and began to witness the yelling, I changed my plans.  In the end, I decided to try the Grilled Chicken Sandwich.  While this is pretty boring, and not specific just to the stadium, the lines were crazy long.  I just wanted to be back at my seat, watching the game.  Come to find out, in my absence, 2 foul balls were hit to our row – missed opportunity indeed.

After waiting in line for far too long, it was finally my turn.  I ordered my food in the nicest way possible (the staff had just been yelled at by 2 people complaining about the free refills on Bottomless mugs) and waited for my food.  At first glance, my chicken sandwich looked good.  The piece of chicken was grilled and the bun was loaded with lettuce & tomato.  I was planning on getting some spicy mustard – which they have had in the past – but, I couldn’t find any.  So, I opted for the yellow mustard.  I waited until I returned to my seat to try out my meal.

Well, it was fine – it was neither great nor bad.  The grilled chicken itself was probably about 1 minute overcooked.  If I had that 1 minute back, this sandwich would have been a lot better.  The extra minute of cooking, gave the exterior of the chicken a rough & unpleasantly chewy texture.  As for the toppings – excellent as always.  Very fresh and plentiful, both the lettuce and tomato was a hit in my book.  While I would have preferred spicy mustard, the yellow mustard was still tasty and worked well with the sandwich.  I opted to only eat half of the bun, and it was probably good last month.  I found the bun to be quite stale and the pleasant whole wheat taste, to by purely missing.  On past visits, this bun was much better.  Overall, the sandwich was tasty and pretty filling.

We also had some fries which were not very good.  They were cold, limp and somewhat soggy.  Plus, they had basically no flavor whatsoever.  Taylor and I picked at them, and managed to finish them, but they were nothing special.  I ended up not trying anything further on this visit.  I did return for a beverage refill and found more people yelling at the food service staff.  I just don’t get it.  Even though I didn’t want to wait in line, it’s just all a part of it.  If you think the service is too slow, then try another stand but, No Yelling Please.  All that yelling get’s you is slow service.  And your yelling, gets me one overcooked chicken sandwich.

The Reds won the game in Extra Innings and while I still don’t like Marlins Ballpark, I loved the fact that I got to spend so many hours so close to my Reds.  The food options may be plentiful but, the poor service just killed my motivation in trying multiple items.  Until next year Marlins Ballpark…until next year.  I did leave with some pretty good graphs…on the ball – Wilson, Didi and Dioneer and on the hat – Dusty, Todd and my boy Brandon.