The First of Many

My favorite season, by far, is Summer.  I absolutely love the hot, humid and sunny days we have in Naples.  While I used to enjoy summer’s much more – when my days were spent at the glorious Vineyards Park, running Middle School Camp – I still love the season.  I don’t do cold weather.  I really don’t even like days when a sweatshirt is needed.  Lucky for me, in Naples, we don’t have many of those.  And even though we do not have a true Fall (this is perfectly fine with me), the flavors & smells of Fall are every where.  I feel like I am constantly seeing a new Fall-esq food product just calling my name to try it.  Well, I am happy to report loyal Backyardians, that I will be trying plenty of these items just for you.  This review, is simply The First of Many.

For this lead off Fall review, I opted for the Pumpkin Spice Flax, Crunchy Granola Bars, made my Kashi.  These are basically Nature’s Valley bars with the Kashi name.  Besides the different names & packaging, these bars are essentially the same.  Both come in 2 bar packs and both pack one heck of a crunch.  I got these bars on sale at Publix for $2.50.  I couldn’t wait to get home and try these suckers out.  And, I will say, that the box was gone within 2 weeks.  And while 2 weeks sounds like a long time, that is nothing with my crazy weird eating.

I opened up the packaging and the smells of Fall hit me straight on.  While Fall does not really taste like Pumpkin, it is what I always associate it with.  While pure Pumpkin is really rather bland in flavor, the taste of Pumpkin we all recognize is a sweet mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar & memories.  That is exactly what I smelt from this bar.  I broke a piece off – not always an easy thing to do – and began to eat.  First thing I found was that traditional crunchy texture.  While the flavors are great, it’s this crunchy texture that really makes these bars stand out.  Now, the flavors are exactly what I described.  I could taste cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar all on their own and all working together.  Each and every bite contained ample amount of these flavors and produced a stand out product.

Now, a double bonus with this bar, was the addition of flax.  Flax brings with it an entirely different taste and consistency.  I found the hard & smooth consistency of the flax to play well with the crunchy bar.  Actually, I found this to give the crunch yet another layer which made it even better.  As for the flavor, it played well with the Pumpkin Spice flavor and in no way was overpowering.  About half of my bites contained pieces of flax.  I found this to be just enough.  It allowed the flax to me a player rather than an overpower-er.

Overall, I totally loved this bar.  After finishing my first, I really wanted to have another but I held off.  I made my 6 bars last me 2 weeks and now, I am totally ready to grab another box.  All of the flavors associated with Pumpkin Spice were contained within this bar, and my memories of flavors, portray just that.  These fantastic flavors, crunchy texture and additional fibrous flax, makes the Kashi Pumpkin Spice with Flax Crunchy Granola Bar, a sure winner and one you should try.  And, just remember, this is just The First of Many.  Grandma’s Backyard will soon be omitting a new smell all together.