Not Your Typical Chips

I absolutely love waffles.  Homemade waffles are by far one of my favorite things to eat.  I love to make them then, while they are hot, dip them into insane amounts of syrup.  Mommy says that I am a diabetic in training.  Its pretty gross just how much syrup I dip them into.  On the occasions I make them, Mommy and Taylor watch me eating them as if I was a monkey at the zoo.  I love waffles on their own, with nothing but syrup.  I have never had the classic Southern combination of Chicken and Waffles but, when I heard Lay’s was coming out with a chip of this flavor, I knew I had to try it.  Lucky for me, on a trip to Wal-Mart last week, I spotted the chips.  Let’s just say these are Not Your Typical Chips.


I had read a review of these chips last week and the blogger did not like them at all.  I went into these chips with no opinion at all – I simply wanted to see what they were all about.  When I opened the bag, I was not hit with any overwhelming flavors.  Removing some chips, I found them to be thicker than a normal chip – closer to a kettle cooked chip yet, not quite as crispy.  The chips looked more similar to regular chips, with a dousing of seasoning, then the shape that kettle chips take.  With no reservations, I tried my very first Chicken and Waffles potato chip.


As I ate this chip, I was immediately reminded of McCormick’s Chicken In a Bag seasoning.  The flavor on these chips tasted exactly the same.  This combination of flavors, and salt, is all that consumed my mouth as I ate the chip.  After swallowing the first chip, I licked my lips and found the extra seasoning to taste the same – chicken all the way.  I could easily pinpoint the flavor of these chips as chicken yet, I would never associate those warm delicious waffles with them.  I tried a few more chips and found the flavor to remain the same…there was no taste of waffles in sight.  After I tried 4 chips, I let the flavors all sit in my mouth.  Even after letting them sit for a few, there were no waffles or syrup to be found.


I don’t think that Lay’s nailed the flavor of this chip.  Yes, they got the chicken aspect – there is no doubt when you eat these chips that they are chicken.  But, they simply did not incorporate the waffle flavor at all.  If I would have tried these chips, without seeing the bag, I never would have associated waffles with them.  While the chip does indeed taste different from others, it does not live up to its name.  The flavor is decent enough where I would have them again but, would not purchase another bag.  Lay’s really had a chance to nail something amazing here however, they fell short.  I will be left to imaging a stack of homemade waffles and syrup.  These may be Chicken and Waffle flavored chips but, they are Not Your Typical Chip.