To Be Real

The only time I normally ever purchase candy, is around a Holiday.  Yes, every so often I get myself a bag of M&Ms but, those times are few and far between.  Candy is for Valentine’s Day or Easter…a Holiday of some sort.  For Valentine’s Day, I spotted these candies and purchased a bag for Mommy’s gift.  While she is not into candy, we had seen these in a magazine and it was Valentine’s Day after all – candy is a must.  I always go a bit overboard with Taylor and Mommy’s gifts but, that’s why I win Daughter of the Year.  To Be Real, these things were simply Unreal.


The Unreal Candy products advertise, or try to advertise, candy that is good for you.  On the back of this package of Candy Coated Chocolates, Unreal told me all about the fiber I would be getting in addition to the high quality of products that are used.  Great but, I already get plenty of fiber in my diet.  I was unsure what to expect as far as flavor goes.  Nothing really compares to M&Ms and the imitators are easily spotted.  There is nothing worse than trail mix that uses candy pieces over M&Ms.  After opening the bag and dumping some out, I found these things – while looking similar to M&Ms – had the worst color options ever.  Like the worst.  Like that pack of Crayola Markers with the ‘Bold’ colors.  C’mon folks…you can’t beat Classic.


After getting over the odd color choices, I tried my first piece.  Well, the consistency was weird.  Eating this was similar to eating the crispy part in a Crunch bar.  Only thing was, rather than tasting like a Crunch, this tasted like some funky chocolate.  The strange flavors were especially noticeable as I chewed and swallowed the candy – barf.  These things had one funky aftertaste.  After eating a few more, I found that the flavor got more enhanced.  Rather than a smooth, chocolate flavor, these Unreal Candies were giving me some Unreal Flavor.  And this flavor, is one that should have been kept imaginary…creating it was just wrong.


So I didn’t like these at all however, I proceeded to eat the entire bag.  The entire bag was under 200 calories and left me completely unsatisfied.  Beyond the fact that the chocolate was rigid and the aftertaste gross, the color of these is so unappealing.  If these had not been in a sealed package, with no viewing of the colors, I would not have purchased them on their looks alone.  I am all for healthy foods and food that provide you with health benefits.  But, if I am To Be Real, about these Unreal Candy Coated Chocolates, I simply say no bueno.