Stay Far, Far Away

I am about to tell you about one of the worst overall dining experiences I have ever had.  While I ate this food quite some time ago, it has taken until now for me to feel ready to tell you all about this.  We decided, on a Friday night, to order pizza.  One of our friends was coming over and the plan was to pick up the pizza and bring it home.  Deciding to try something new, we opted for Moravela’s Pizza.  Moravela’s is located on Livingston and Pine Ridge.  I should have known from the fact that their menu was without prices, that this would be bad.  Little did I know, or expect, that it would be this bad.  All I can tell you is Stay Far, Far Away from Moravela’s Pizza.

I called and placed our order for 1 Cheese Pizza, 1 White Pizza, 6 Garlic Knots and 1 Slice of the Veggie Pizza.  When I arrived to pick up the order, I also arrived to a price tag of $55.  $55 for that.  I’m not kidding.  And these were really not gourmet pizzas by any means.  After being in shock over the price, I stood and waited about 10 minutes for my order to be ready.  The inside of the restaurant is very small and I was cramped at the counter.  When my pizzas arrived, I opened the boxes.  Well, I guess the chef forget that White Pizza does not have sauce.  Yes, my White Pizza had sauce.  As I told them that this was wrong, they took the pizza back and said 5 minutes.


Nearly 25 minutes later, my pizza was ready and correct.  But now, mind you, the rest of my order was completely cold.  There were no apologies, no discounts, no offers to warm everything back up.  After waiting in the restaurant for nearly 40 minutes, I left and went home.  Well, it only got worse once I got home.  Still completely pissed about the price of the pizza, it was now time to eat.  I started with a garlic knot.  Or, at least, I attempted to.  One bite and I wanted to spit this out.  The knot was cold, tasted stale and was hard as a rock.  There was no flavor whatsoever contained in this know.  Disgusting.


The experience only got worse with the pizza.  I had them add pineapple to my half of the cheese pizza.  Even with this addition, the pizza sucked.  First off, the crust was limp, soggy and completely flavorless.  The tomato sauce and cheese – while visible – contained no flavors whatsoever.  There were no flavors of even packaged sauce – literally it tasted like nothing.  The lack of flavors, mixed with the horrible crust, created just a pathetic pizza experience.  The pineapples were fine but, the rest of the pizza was a total disaster.  Even as I continued to eat, the pizza did not get better.  By far, this was the worst crust I have ever had on a pizza.  And, the overall pizza, was the WORST PIZZA I HAVE EVER EATEN.  A total and complete waste of calories.


No one else really cared for the pizza either.  I didn’t have any of the white pizza but Taylor confirmed it was not that good.  Mommy had the piece of Veggie Pizza and pretty much echoed everything I said.  No joke, I was irritated and pissed about this for a few days to come.  I kept going back to thinking that when she told me the price, I should have said nevermind.  I can get pizza from a number of locations in Naples, for a far less price.  Plus, they also feature better service and a great product.  Thinking back now, this still really irritates me.  Pizza should not cost that much.  And, for whatever reason if it does, it better be the most amazing pizza ever.  Moravela’s Pizza is none of that – lousy service, ridiculously high prices and disgusting pizza – are all that they are.  STAY FAR, FAR AWAY!!!