Homer’s Gift

As I’m sure everyone knows, I am a HUGE Cincinnati Reds fan.  I live, eat and sleep the Reds.  Lucky for me, Homer Bailey threw his second no-hitter on July 2nd.  Not only was this a great day for Reds fans but, also for all MLB TV fans.  I, of course, am an MLB TV Subscriber as, without this subscription, I would be unable to watch the Reds on a daily basis.  MLB TV and Domino’s Pizza setup a deal – anyone who throws a no-hitter/perfect game, the first 10k subscribers get a free Medium Pizza.  And, of course, I was one of those people.  Homer’s Gift to me was a Medium Pan Pizza with Pineapple.


After getting my code, you have 5 days to receive your free pizza.  As this was the weekend of the 4th, I was a little worried.  However, I managed to squeeze this in on Sunday night.  I placed my order online and arrived to pick-up my pizza.  I could not tell you the last time I had Domino’s Pizza.  A good guess would be 10 years ago, however, it may have been more.  I much prefer the non-chain pizza but, this was free.  I arrived and picked up my free pizza (from some super nice wait staff) and headed home.  I loved the box – black and decorated like no other.


I opened up the pizza box and found that the pizza looked almost as if it did not have a crust.  I didn’t see a tonnage of pineapple however, there was plenty of pineapple.  I grabbed a few slices and took a bite.  Wow, this pizza was very soft and had a crazy buttery taste.  I found the crust of the pizza to simply melt in my mouth.  There was very little sauce however, what was there, tasted fine – nothing bad, nothing great.  I found the cheese to be very cheese and a bit on the salty side.  As for the pineapple, it was great and mixed really well with the entire pizza.


I found this pizza to be about 100% better than what I was expecting.  I figured I would not like this at all however, the pizza was pretty good.  The exterior crust was not huge but, it was indeed there.  It was slightly crispy but remained with the buttery flavor.  I will say however, that this pizza did not pass the next day test – this sucked cold/out of the fridge.  But warm, it was good.  Buttery, cheesy and perfectly soft, this pizza was not bad at all.  Homer’s Gift to me may not have been a game-used item but, it was a good meal that I would eat again.