Go Greek

I feel as if I am somewhat Greek.  My new Team Member dates a Greek boy.  We spend 8 hours together – in the same cubicle – so some of that must be rubbing off on me.  So, when our boss presented me with a Rickland Orchards Greek Yogurt Bar, I felt like it was second nature.  Yet again, I am given food to try & review…and I love it.  If only I could get the big companies to send me free samples, I would be in business.  But for now, I will take it all.  And so we began to Go Greek.


At first glance, this bar is similar to a Kind Bar.  The biggest difference is that the bottom of this sucker is slathered with some Greek Yogurt.  No, the yogurt is not frozen or cold but rather hardened & condensed (did you know you can make fruit salad with condensed milk?  yet another thing my Team Member has taught me).  In addition, there were a few slight swirls of Greek Yogurt on the top.  This bar boasted the flavor of Blueberry Acai.  I broke the bar in half, in order to share, and took a bite.


The first thing I could taste, hands down, was the Greek Yogurt.  And, I don’t think this was a good thing.  I felt as if the Greek yogurt completely overpowered the rest of the bar.  As I continued to chew my pieces, the hints of blueberry and acai did indeed show their faces.  However, I never felt as if I could taste the almonds contained within or the granola, in which most of the bar consisted of.  The Greek yogurt just killed the flavor of everything else.  And hmm, how do I describe what this tasted like?  Think the mix of Yogurt Covered Raisins and the exterior of a Power Bar.  Bingo…gross.


I continued to eat my half and had mixed feelings.  The first bite was so overpowered by the Greek Yogurt that, even when I chewed the bar, I still felt like that taste reigned supreme.  Now I will say, the bites I had which contained blueberry and acai, were not bad.  While the flavors were somewhat subtle, they did indeed taste very fresh and I was able to identify them.  I love granola and, even though this bar had a good amount of it, the only benefit I had was the consistency – the taste was on vacation.

I have mixed feelings on this bar.  I will not go out of my way to purchase another one.  However, if I was presented with one, chances are I would eat it.  The Greek Yogurt really just killed it for me.  If perhaps the Granola had more flavor to it, and the flavors blended together more, I may have really enjoyed this.  But, as it stands, this just isn’t for me.  If you are looking for a healthy bar to try, give this one a try.  I think you will enjoy it even though, for me, I did not.  Go Greek my Loyal Followers.  Go Greek.