Special, Hometown Love

Hello Loyal Fans, Followers & Supporters!  Happy National Cheeseburger Day!  As I return from yet another hiatus – this time, I had good reason…I was in Cincinnati – it is time to get back to business.  Last week, I got to visit Cincinnati and it was GREAT!  Not only did I get to work in our Cincinnati Office but, I also got to go to 2 REDS Games and see nearly all of my Cincinnati Family Members!  The only thing that could have made the trip better, was being there longer.  And of course, I got to hit up my favorite food joints.  Today, we will talk about one of those places.  Frisch’s Big Boy.  One of a Kind.  Special, Hometown Love, I make to this place with every visit.


Frisch’s Big Boy is a tradition in my family.  During every visit to Cincinnati, we visit one of the many locations, throughout Cincinnati.  I believe that almost all of my visits have been to the Mainliner location, which is the location I went to on my last trip.  I love everything there is about Frisch’s.  I love the Red’s Mini Schedules that are on the counter where you pay.  I love the old-time, local feeling to it.  I love the commercials I hear on WLW-700.  And of course, I love me a Super Big Boy.  The Trademark Item of Frisch’s (ever since they changed it from the Big Boy…jeez, Uncle Dave), the Super Big Boy has been my order each and every time.  Forget the Salad Bar Kelly, bring me the meat!


The Super Big Boy consists of a Bun, 2 Burger Patties, 2 Slices of Cheese, Lettuce, Pickle and Tartar Sauce.  And let me tell you, I don’t even like Tartar Sauce but, on the Super Big Boy, this is just the perfect combination.  The Bun is always very soft and has a very slight buttery taste.  Not Five Guys buttery but, more buttery than your traditional bun.  As for the Burger Patties, they are not too thick – probably comparable to Burger King or Wendy’s – but boy, are they tasty.  The slight crisp to the exterior of the patties, combine with the ground round taste to produce a simply scumptious burger.  While the Cheese does not fully stand out, every so many bites you hit it just right…the gooey cheese mixed with the salty burger…delicious.  As for the lettuce & pickle, they don’t add much more than a little crunch and coolness – both of which are truly appreciated.  The tartar sauce, is warm from the burger, and is more along the lines of mayo than traditional tartar sauce.  Put this all together, and you have a Super Big Boy.  You have Special, Hometown Love.

This trip to Frisch’s was just as amazing as all of the rest.  Surrounded by my family members, and a Diet Coke add Vanilla, I had simply an awesome time.  Yet another superb, cooked to perfection Super Big Boy.  While the Fries are nothing out of the ordinary, they are Frisch’s and work with the Super Big Boy so well.  I have never had a bad meal at Frisch’s and, chances are, I never will.  There is just something special about this place.  Something that makes me love it.  Something that makes me keep going back.  Something that is simply Special, Hometown Love.