Amazing Factor

How does one accurately describe one of the most amazing Cookies that has ever existed?  How does one portray that this is not just a cookie but, an amazing cookie?  How does one bring the flavor, consistency and overall appeal of said cookie?  Well, with all of these factors and more, I will attempt to do so.  I cannot promise this will portray the Amazing Factor of this cookie but, my dear friends, we shall try.

Busken Original Cookies are the topic of our discussion for tonight.  When I describe these cookies, I simply say – They contain a Smile and they are Amazing.  It is almost impossible for me to truly describe just how wonderful these cookies are.  I love a lot of Cincinnati Foods but, there is just something about these Busken’s that I especially love.  On my last trip to Cincy, I came home with 3 boxes worth.  Last year for my Birthday, Mommy had 2 dozen shipped to me.  Yeah, it’s an obsession.


Busken Original Cookies are, essentially, sugar cookies with a pinch of almond flavor and Busken thick, thick icing.  The cookies are decorated (typically…they do also do Holiday decor) with a Smiley Face.  The first time I tried a Busken, I was in love.  I remember going back for more cookies and I simply could not get enough.  Biting into this cookies provides you with two distinct layers – the thick, hard icing and the soft, crumbly cookie.  Both layers are divine and work best together.

The icing, is hard & thick and is in no way overly sugary.  I can get hints of almond mixed in with the traditional sugar of the frosting.  My saliva creates a slightly wet & sticky surface area that, when combined with the eyes & smile, does sometimes result in black lips.  As for the cookie base, it is just so perfect.  Crumbs are a must and the combination of ingredients, produces a simple base.  Yes, simple.  Simple is best.  Simple provides everything you need and just makes an amazing overall product.

Busken Cookies do not taste like any other sugar cookie.  Most sugar cookies are overly sweet and taste artificial.  Not the Buskens.  These things are magically delicious…thick icing plus crumbly cookie equals one happy Nicki.  If you have never tasted a Busken, than you simply cannot understand these cookies.  But, for all you lucky ones out there, you know what I am saying.  You know what I mean.  You know what I am trying to depict but simply cannot.  You know the Amazing Factor that is Busken Original Cookies.