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Faux Flavors

As I continue in my Quarter Year, I am finding that my palate has begun to like more and more food items.  And, while that is a good thing, I also find that… Continue reading

Gingerbread Delights

As my palate has matured, I have come to really enjoy the flavor of ginger.  Well, when it’s baked into cookies at least.  I used to turn my head at the thought of… Continue reading

Pumpkin Pasties

The concept of Pumpkin Pasties always sounded so not good to me.  Throughout the 7 Harry Potter books these ‘treats’ are mentioned on multiple occasions and every time I read these 2 magical words,… Continue reading

Prestige Worldwide

I love trying new food items.  I am constantly on the prowl for new items to try & review for you, the followers.  I seek these products from both near and far.  The… Continue reading

Melts is Purely False

I totally love when food items are melty & gooey.  Well, that is when they should be melty & gooey.  Chocolate chips in a freshly baked cookie should be melty & gooey.  A… Continue reading

No More Tagging Along

Well, I have come to the end of my trial of Girl Scout Cookies.  As you read from my previous 2 posts, I have really not been impressed.  After sampling the Tagalongs last… Continue reading

Sweet, Familiar Taste

Shortbread and butter cookies have always held a special place in my heat (I’m sure it’s just the butter in them clogging my arteries).  I’m not sure what it is that brings me… Continue reading

I’m Sorry I Ate You

It is 2012 and yet we still bake gingerbread cookies in the shape of little people.  Really?  Don’t you feel so bad eating the little gal or guys body and just going on… Continue reading

A Minty Ending

Well, Christmas has come and gone…very quickly as usual.  I hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas and ate plenty of good food.  I had a great Christmas, was around great family and… Continue reading