I’m Sorry I Ate You

It is 2012 and yet we still bake gingerbread cookies in the shape of little people.  Really?  Don’t you feel so bad eating the little gal or guys body and just going on with your life?  Isn’t it time to shape these cookies like shapes rather than people?  I felt a small bit of hurt as I ate two little gingerbread friends last week.  Thank you for your sacrifice.

These gingerbread folk walked their way into my home via my grandparents arrival to Florida.  I’m not sure the origin of these gingerbread but, I presume, they came from somewhere between Blairsville and Naples.  They came in a bag and two of them sat together.  I decided that I probably needed to eat both so neither would be lonely.  The first thing I noticed is that when I opened the bag containing the cookies, I did not get a whiff or any hint of gingerbread at all.  To me, gingerbread is very, very flavorful and fragrant.  I was somewhat surprised that I didn’t get any smells at all.  If I had my eyes closed, I would have never guessed they were gingerbread people awaiting their destiny.

I make Giant Ginger Cookies which are not exactly gingerbread but are pretty close.  They are pretty much amazing and exhibit wonderful flavors of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and Christmas.  I cannot say these gingerbread cookies had any of the above.  As I began to eat the people, I couldn’t really pick out any certain flavors.  I received vague hints of ginger and sugar but nothing nearly strong enough to call these cookies Gingerbread.  While the cookie was very thin, it was not very crispy.  I really liked this fact as I am not a big fan of crispy cookies.  The cookie was somewhat soft and chewy.  The biggest thing that I cannot stress enough is that this cookie did not taste like a gingerbread cookie.

It is really quite difficult for me to perform an adequate review on this item since its flavor was just not there.  While I don’t necessarily love gingerbread, I would have liked for this cookie to at least taste like gingerbread should taste.  I decided to eat the second gingerbread person because, beyond the fact that I didn’t want to leave one alone, I wanted to see if perhaps the taste in the second would be better than the first.  This was certainly not the case as the second cookie was just as tasteless.  A true bummer.

It is time to move past creating gingerbread in the forms of small people.  It is past time.  Let’s liberate the gingerbread folk and create gingerbread shapes or cutouts or anything else.  I’m not sure where these folk made their original home but they were simply just not good when they made it to my mouth.  Certainly disappointing but, not every food item can be as amazing as others.  We carry on and truly apologize for eating the folk of Gingerbread.