Prestige Worldwide

I love trying new food items.  I am constantly on the prowl for new items to try & review for you, the followers.  I seek these products from both near and far.  The product for this review, came from far away yet was delivered right to my home.  One of the patients at Mommy’s office dropped these suckers off and they made their way home to me.  Prestigio Cookies originate from Brazil & are made my Nestle.  They arrived in their little package, so decorated & fun, ready to go.  And, let’s just say, these were pure Prestige Worldwide.

I was not really sure what to expect since the package was written in a language other than my own.  While I do get to hear my share of Portuguese on a daily basis, and spent many many years listening to the perfect mix of Portuguese-English-Spanish, I do not understand 1 word of it.  Lucky for me, there was also pictures on this package.  I came to the conclusion that these would be cookies, they would have chocolate and they would have coconut.  Other than that, I dove in without the slightest idea as to what I would be getting.

Prestigio Cookies are the square equivalent to a Double Stuf Oreo in size but, totally different in flavor.  The chocolate cookie parts are much more similar to a graham cracker in consistency.  I found the cookie to be very light and almost, in a way, fluffy.  The flavor of the cookie was simple yet, I could definitely taste the cocoa in them.  This cookie reminded me of those really, thin wafer chocolate cookies – and it sure was good.  I would have been totally fine with just a package of these chocolate cookies.  But, heck no.  This was Prestiege Worldwide after all.  This cookie…had filling.

And this filling, had some great flavor.  The coconut from the package was located within the cream filling of these cookies.  While the filling did have hints of vanilla, coconut was the primary flavor.  Within each cookie’s cream filling, there was some coconut-esq consistency which provided additional flavors and a nice mixture to the light cookie & creamy filling.  I really enjoyed this filling.  I found the flavor to be just right – the perfect balance of vanilla and coconut.  And combined with the chocolate cookie?  Mmm…a match made in heaven.

I had 2 of these cookies the first night and continued to have 1 or so until they were all gone.  If these were sold at Publix, I would purchase them on a regular basis.  I’m sure I will be able to find these again locally and if not, I would consider buying them online.  Yeah…they are that good.  Sometimes it takes a cookie, from another country, to come into your life and make you realize what you are missing.  So is the case with these delicious morsels.  These delicious little cookies that are purely Prestige Worldwide.  (Side Note – this is Post #200.  Yay!  No better time than to use a title from one of the funniest movies ever.)