Gingerbread Delights

As my palate has matured, I have come to really enjoy the flavor of ginger.  Well, when it’s baked into cookies at least.  I used to turn my head at the thought of Ginger Snaps or Gingerbread People running through my mouth but, now, as a Quarter-Century Foodie, I turn my head towards these options and take a bite.  Perhaps it is more that I never really gave them a try when I was younger…I just automatically assumed I didn’t like anything Ginger flavor.  After baking a variety of my Homemade Giant Ginger Cookies for Gram, I began to really enjoy them.  And now, I opt for Ginger flavored items.  So, when Burger King announced the Ginger Bread Cookie Sundae & Shake, I was pretty stoked.  After trying both of these items, I can say that BK really put those Gingerbread People to Work.

Whoever decided that Gingerbread cookies should be shaped like people, had some serious issues.  With these horrid thoughts aside, I placed my order for the Gingerbread Cookie Sundae.  See, I’m not really a fan of shakes.  Well, lucky for me, BK messed up my order and I ended up with a Gingerbread Cookie Shake and Cookie Sundae – all for one low price.  Thanks BK and your fab service!  I started off with the sundae since that was the main goal.  First look, this thing was rocking.  The container was full of vanilla ice cream and I could see Gingerbread Sauce Swirls throughout.  All of this was topped with a ton of crushed Gingerbread Cookies.  I opened it up and dug right in.

The first thing I noticed is that the crushed Gingerbread Cookies were very, very soft.  Like stale soft.  It was almost as if someone through those Gingerbread People in the Blender and let it go for hours.  Any crunch usually associated with gingerbread, was thrown out the window.  Unfortunately, this cause the crushed cookie pieces to also lose a lot of their flavor.  I can not say that I would have known these were crushed Gingerbread Cookies if I was blindfolded – the great ginger taste was simply not there.  On the other hand, the Gingerbread Sauce was very gingery & sweet.  On the spoonfuls that I had that were primarily sauce, my taste buds were rocking.  While I could taste a good amount of sugar, the tangy-bitteresq flavor of the ginger was rocking right along side of it.

I have to say that the soft serve vanilla from BK is awesome.  By far, leaps & bounds better than McDs.  This stuff is sooo creamy, thick and the flavors are just great.  While the crushed gingerbread cookies were lacking, the soft serve ice cream picked up the slack.  I especially liked the ice cream in conjunction with the gingerbread sauce – creamy goodness.  I had no problem downing this sundae and having a few sips of the Gingerbread Shake.  And let’s just say, a few sips is all your need.  This thing is STRONG and POWERFUL!  The SUGAR and GINGER FLAVOR is EVERYWHERE within this shake.  I do hope that the usage of CAPITAL LETTERS help you realize just how FLAVORFUL this thing is.  Be ready for the ride – thick, ginger, sugar goodness is coming to you when you enjoy this shake.

I am glad that I ended up getting to try the shake because, as far as gingerbread flavor goes, the shake has it all.  If you really love the flavor of gingerbread, I recommend this shake.  Now, if you are more of a gingerbread-newbie, I recommend the sundae.  Both offerings will leave your mouth hypnotized by the cute little Gingerbread People who gave so much to bring you pleasure.  I don’t think I will be going out of my way to have either of these items again but, overall, I did enjoy them both.  Try yourself one and say thank you to the Gingerbread People that gave their lives to allow Burger King to bring you not 1 but 2, Gingerbread Delights.