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Get Your Rodeo On

I really don’t eat fast food when I am home.  Yes, I enjoy trying out new items that seem to be really cool or indulging every so often but, for the most part,… Continue reading

Time to Eat for Thanks

Happy Turkey Day to everyone.  As everyone is sitting relaxing after stuffing themselves with a big ol’ meal, I have decided to spend a few moments to review all of the food that… Continue reading

Two More Freebies

The Holiday Drink Special Buy One Get One has come to an end at Starbucks.  But, before it did, I was able to try the two other Holiday Drinks in addition to the… Continue reading

Roasted & Nutty

So over the past weekend, I didn’t try anything new or different from the items I normally review.  Of course not.  I had Chipotle.  Not once but twice.  I just love it that… Continue reading

Free Cookie

I like any food item that is free.  I have been able to try many things that I never would otherwise purely because they are free.  Many of these items have become items… Continue reading