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On the Menu

My new team member informed me today that she had never tried a protein bar.  After picking my chin up off the ground, I set out to fix this.  Lucky for me, our… Continue reading

Screamin Creamin

In honor of National Ice Cream Day – which was yesterday – I figure today is a good day to talk about granola bars.  What?  Say What?  Nah, I’m just messing.  Today, is a… Continue reading

Engineering Ring

This has been a big week for my company.  We were acquired by a large company and great things are coming.  On the day we found out, not only did we have that excitement… Continue reading


What’s more American that a burger and fries?  Well, perhaps I can name a few things but, a burger and fries is pretty rocking.  After all, the burger was created in the good… Continue reading

Oh Boy!

One of the best things about being a Jeep Wrangler owner, is throwing the top down and going for a drive.  It’s not important to have a destination or an errand to do. … Continue reading

Golden Ticket to Paradise

Chocolate and Peanut Butter are a match made in heaven.  The combination of the two can turn any frown upside down.  The combination of the two can leave you licking your licks for… Continue reading

2 Become 1

Last Friday at work, we had a Baby Shower/Going Away Party for a fellow employee.  For eats, we ordered Jet’s Pizza and Salad.  As I do not like eating heavy lunches, I had… Continue reading

I Say Ole

As you all know, I love Mexican Food.  Mexican Food is by far my favorite cuisine and I have no problem eating it multiple times per week.  Heck, I’ll even eat it multiple… Continue reading

Outside of the Box

Once a month, my Department at work goes out to lunch.  It’s a nice occasion for everyone to get out of the office together and share a meal.  This past Friday, was our Lunch… Continue reading

Easy & Hot & Sweet

The rotation of new fast food items seems to go in cycles.  For months at a time (or if you are Burger King), new items are coming out all the time.  Then, you… Continue reading