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Every time my good friend Fred Norris plays the ‘Wow’ sound clip, I have it stuck in my head for the entire day.  So is the same for the Doritos Jumpin’ Jack Chips. … Continue reading

Quite Underwhelmed

While my gparents were down for Christmas, they wanted to try Joe’s Diner.  Joe’s Diner has been in Naples for as long as I can remember however, prior to their visit, I had… Continue reading

Sunday Morning Delight

My Sunday mornings consist of basically the same 2 stops.  First stop is Publix at 7:00am when they open.  After I finish my grocery shopping, I travel to Whole Foods and arrive at 8:00am… Continue reading

Why Oh Why?

Sometimes, I look back at the food items I have tried, and think to myself, “What were you thinking?”  I ask myself if I seriously thought that that particular item would be good. … Continue reading

Nothing Better Than the Norm

About 7 or so years ago, we discovered Norman Love Chocolates located in Ft. Myers.  We had seen Norman Love on a bunch of Food Network shows and knew the jist about him.  However,… Continue reading


When Burger King first introduced their Sweet Potato Fries over the summer, I made it a point to try them as soon as I possibly could. I found, that after a few tries,… Continue reading

New Year, New You

Well, Happy 2013 to Everyone.  I am one of those boring people who does not even stay up until midnight to watch the ball drop or Dick Clark and Rocking New Year’s Eve. … Continue reading

Faux Flavors

As I continue in my Quarter Year, I am finding that my palate has begun to like more and more food items.  And, while that is a good thing, I also find that… Continue reading

Sweet & Salty

Nature’s Valley makes a ton of products that I really like.  While I may not buy these week in and week out, I do pick up a box every now and then when… Continue reading

Case in Point

I’m all for fundraisers and donating to those less fortunate.  I really am.  Ask anyone about me, and they will say that I am a pretty giving person.  I put everyone’s needs before… Continue reading