Day Dos

Hello all. Today is day two. I’m not sure how long I will keep my titles as the days or even how long I will continue to mention the days. Perhaps a few weeks, a few months or maybe forever. Only time will tell.
I started off the day with my normal Myoplex Lite shake. Was tasty as always. At around 10:30am, I had a morning snack of one slice of banana bread (from Fresh Market again) and the last few sips of Juicy Juice I had. Warmed the banana bread up for like 10 seconds and ate it plain. I know a lot of people who like to put butter or cream cheese on their banana bread but, I really just prefer mine plain. So delish.

I ate lunch at around 1:30 and actually wasn’t all too hungry. I had a few cucumbers with a little bit of salt. They were left over from the salad I made last night. Then, I had some chips and salsa once again. Same as yesterday and certainly just as delicious. After eating the salty chips I wanted something sweet so I had two bites of a white chocolate covered rice krispie treat I got in GA. It is from a candy shop in Helen called Hansel and Gretel. Wonderful as well. The white chocolate wasn’t too sweet to take away from the rice krispie treat.

For dinner I made chicken breast tenderloins that I marinated in Lawry’s Baja Chipolte. I think Lawry’s makes the best liquid marinades. I have tried a few different brands and really find Lawry’s to be the best. With the chicken I made Vigo Black Beans and Rice. I love black beans and rice. Love love love them. I always use the Vigo bag….I’ve never tried making them homemade for some reason or another. I only had a pound of chicken which is only enough for 2 of the 3 of us to eat. I melted cheese on Taylor’s pieces and none on Mommy’s. I also warmed up the left over steak from last night for Mommy. I made myself two cheese quesadillas and had that with the rice and beans. Warmed up two pieces of pumpernickel bread from last night in microwave (not good idea) to go with Taylors.

The rice and beans were of course wonderful. The quesadilla was okay…pretty boring but really that is all that it is. So that was all my eating for today. Not planning on eating any dessert for tonight. And by the way, I drink water all day long. If I drink something other then water, I will be sure to include it in the blog.

So that is all for today…over and out my good followers.