Day Three

Hello Everyone and welcome back. I am going to start off with talking about the Mountain Dew I bought and drank today. I first saw them in Publix a few days ago and decided today to buy a 12 pack. It is Throwback Mountain Dew made with real sugar as opposed to HFCS. The case is white with the original logo and the cans are white, old logo and have the Hillbilly Gran Pappy on them. I was so so so excited when I got them and came right home and put a can in the freezer so it would be ready by the time we ate dinner (about an hour after I got home). Well, I am happy to report that it is delish. Very very good. You can so tell a difference in taste from the HCFS to the real sugar. Taste is much more light and not as sugary. Most def a plus in my book. I am so happy that I bought them when I did…did some research and found out they will only be out for 8 weeks. They also have the throwback Pepsi and Dr. Pepper. I am going back to Publix tomorrow to get more Mountain Dew. I don’t think I will buy any Pepsi or Dr. Pepper due to the fact that I do not like Dr. Pepper and really only drink Pepsi if its an absolute must. Okay…enough about that for the moment…lets get to the rest of the food.

I was out of my Myoplex shakes for breakfast. Ugh. That really annoys me. I knew I was out but still never managed to drag my butt to Target (an entire buck cheaper then Publix) and get some. And guess what? I will be without them again tomorrow!!! But, I will probably go to Publix really early tomorrow and get them then…I don’t know…we shall see. So, I had a Natures Valley Peanut Granola Bar for breakfast. Not very filling but I didn’t really care. At around 10:30, when I made breakfast for Mommy and Taylor, I had a piece of Fresh Market banana bread. I only have one piece left which makes me want to cry.

For lunch, I had left over rice and beans from last nights meal. I added some Taco Bell mild sauce to them which made them quite lovely. Ate them right out of the fridge, so they were cold. Then, I had one bite of my rice krispie treat from Hansel and Gretel.

We went over Casey and Sheila’s (my uncle and aunt) around 3:30 to exchange Christmas gifts. They had out some finger food and I have 8 little cubes of colby jack cheese, 2 chunks of watermelon and 3 chunks of pineapple. I got awesome gifts from them. I got two t-shirt, one is pink and has an orange and a glass of orange juice and the orange is saying, “Is that you Mom?” to the glass of juice. The other is blue and has a potato and fries on it with the potato saying, “You’ve changed, Man” to the fries. Hehe. Just my type of shirt! They also got me the LEGO book which is sweet! It is two books…one being all on LEGO’s and the other being about LEGO people. Love both things! I am a LEGO fanatic!!!

For dinner, Mommy and I made a london broil. I beat it and had it marinating all day in olive oil, terryaki, salt, pepper, dry mustard, garlic and onions. We added a bit more dry mustard, terryaki and olive oil while cooking it. We sear both sides in our cast iron pan then put it in the oven (while still in cast iron pan) and let it cook for about 35 minutes. I also made corn, broccoli and cheese potatoes and spinach souffle. Everything turned out good. I, of course, only ate the corn and potatoes and my MOUNTAIN DEW!!! After dinner, I had one bite of my Hansel and Gretel rice krispie treat. I wish I would have gotten more then one of them! Trying to eat it as slow as possible because it is so good.

Another day come and gone.