Finally Friday the 8th

Friday has finally arrived. This week seemed to have gone by super slow and was really no fun at all. We are expecting a miserable weekend of weather here in Naples. Ugh. I can’t stand this no sun thing.
For breakfast was…Myoplex! Surprise! I really need to re-new my Sams membership and start buying it there. It’s such a pain buying it in the 4 packs at Publix or Target. And…I am out of it. So…don’t know what I am going to do tomorrow morning.
Morning snack was my glass of Motts Natural No Sugar Added Apple Juice. I was later told by my one and only follower Sarah, that juice is not a snack. I prefer to disagree there Sarah! My cup of juice is a wonderful snack I look forward to daily!
Lunch was same ol‘. Morningstar farms chicken patty with lettuce and American cheese, 11 pretzel crisps and one chips deluxe rainbow cookie. Plus, a diet coke.
I meant to take pictures of my dinner but…SHOCKER…I forgot. I can’t believe how much of a bad picture rememberer I am. I had the tomato mozzarella sandwich and a cup of broccoli cheddar soup from Calistoga. I will def have this again so there will be pictures that time around for sure! The sandwich was okay. The bread a little bit too hard. The soup was okay as well but the rolls I had to go with it, were def stale. I thought I had been craving Calistoga and if I was, this didn’t hit the spot.
Now its Friday night. I’m exhausted. I feel like junk. And it is going to rain/be really cold this weekend.