Disney Feb 12th – 14th, Feb 18

My goal of writing this blog everyday has gone off track. I tried to catch up while at work, but I was having an issue logging in. I got behind due to going to Disney and being sick since we have been back. So, I am going to post Disney review now. The past few nights, I have felt so sick that I have gone to bed so early and have had no time to post. I will try to get back on track the best I can. It is much harder to blog everyday. I will try. I will stay committed to my one follower.

Ohh poo. I typed up my Disney blog while at work and it seems I am unable to copy and paste it to this. I do not feel like retyping at the moment. When I do, it will be back up. Otherwise, it won’t be. Maybe I will just do a bonus thing every few days with Disney food.

So I will do today real quick…Thursday February 18th:

Breakfast – Myoplex

Morning snack – Glass of Simply Orange, Orange juice

Lunch – MF chicken patty with American cheese and lettuce, 28 pretzel sticks, 1 rainbow chips deluxe cookie and a diet Coke.

Afternoon snack – Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bar

Dinner – Pasta and peas.

Dessert – Few bites of a rice krispie treat I got in Disney.