Monday Feb 22

After a bit of an absence, I am back. Yipee!

Breakfast was Myoplex.

Morning snack was a glass of Simply Orange, Orange Juice.

Lunch was MF chicken patty with American cheese and lettuce, 28 pretzel sticks and 1 rainbow chips deluxe cookie. To drink was a Diet Arizona Iced Tea.

Afternoon snack was a Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bar.

Dinner was delish. I didn’t take any pictures because I was just so so so hungry. I made chicken in the cast iron pan that I had marinating in baja chipolte seasoning. Also made black beans and rice. I cut the chicken up into bite size pieces and served the meal with fajita size tortillas. It was fantastic. I had like 6 fajitas. I used rice and beans, 3 small pieces of chicken, lettuce, cheese, sour cream and Taco Bell mild sauce on mine. It was so wonderful. Also had broccoli to eat. The entire meal just went together so perfectly. MMMMMMMMM

Dinner will be a few bites of Buckeye Fudge ice cream from Publix. When I saw it at the store, I thought Buckeye Blitz from Graeters!!! But…it is nothing like. 😦