Tuesday Feb 23

No pictures again today. Ugh. I took a picture of dinner but it was a pretty bad one so ohh well.

Breakfast was Myoplex.

Morning snack was a glass of Simply Orange, Orange Juice.

Lunch was MF chicken patty, American cheese and lettuce. Also, 28 pretzel sticks and 1 rainbow chips deluxe cookie.

Afternoon snack was a scoop of peanut butter.

Dinner was leftovers. I had 5 mini baby fajita sized tacos. I had enough rice/beans and chicken left for like 2 but I distributed it amongst 5. Jeezers. Also had broccoli.

Dessert was a few bites of the Buckeye Fudge ice cream. I save all the buckeyes till the end…so yummy.

I’m off to do some eBay.