A New Start

So I haven’t posted on here in ages. Ages. Ages. I want to really start blogging again…my food and my life. So here it is. A New Start.

I recently left Vineyards Park. I had been at VYCP since 1999, a counselor since 2003. My tenure ended at the end of this Summer 2010. I had an amazing Summer 2010 with a great group of middle school kids. I really had a ball and I am glad I was able to end on such a great note. I am now working at BTG, a computer support group. I am also working a second job at Bed Bath and Beyond. I decided that I do not want to get my PhD in Cell Biology. I really don’t know what I want.

I have the weirdest eating patterns. Really, its bad. I change my mind on food all the time, diet, pig out, eat weird. I just have major eating issues. I love watching shows about food, reading about food, anything food. Very weird and messed up and wrong for sure.

The Cincinnati Reds had a winning season this year, won the NL Central and went to the Playoffs. Sadly, the Reds lost in a 3 game first round sweep to the Phillies. I am still very excited about their awesome season. Now, my life feels empty without the constant watching of the Reds.

Tonight…stay tuned for today’s food.