Happy Meal

So I took Fudge to the eye doctor yesterday to get her cherry eye examined. She was pretty well behaved at the doctor. I did have to carry her in because she refused to do so on her own. Its kinda funny but not at the same time. Once we were inside, she was well behaved and did not bark or growl. So, since she was good, she got to get a treat on the way home.

Before I left the house with Fudge, Cubbie was trying to get outside and get in the car. Cubbie loves car rides. Cubbie is a Princess and likes to feel the wind in her hair(?). So we felt bad that Cubbie couldn’t come with us and Fudge and I decided that if Fudge was good and got a treat, we would bring Cubbie something back too.

After the appointment, I stopped at Chick-fil-A to get Mommy a tea. I debated getting Fudge a treat at Chick-fil-A but then decided against it. Fudge normally gets a burger so I figured I would just stick with that. After a super long line at Chick-fil-A, to get only a Large Unsweet Tea (was very good), we headed out.

The eye doctor is in Estero and the drive back home felt like it took forever. It was almost 5pm and the snowbirds are def coming back. We pulled into McDonalds and placed our order for a Cheeseburger Happy Meal. I wanted to order a Happy Meal because McDonalds has Halloween Buckets out that you get your Happy Meal in. I have vintage McDonalds Chicken McNugget Happy Meal Toys that came out during Halloween and that you can dress up. So when I found out about the buckets, I felt the need to have one of my own. I have a Shamu from Sea World and a Dino/Dino Egg from Busch Gardens – both items their kids meals come in.

Our Cheeseburger Happy Meal arrived in the bucket along with a extra small cup. I ordered myself a large diet coke and when the mini Happy Meal cup came as well, I laughed. How could any child wash down their meal with a drink that small. It is actually pretty funny. The bucket counts as your toy I guess because there was no other toy in the bucket. Fudge ate half of the fries and all of the cheeseburger (minus the two bites containing the pickle which I ate…I forgot to order it plain). We saved the other half of the fries to bring home for Cubbie.

There was something very thrilling about getting the Happy Meal in the Halloween Bucket. The Bucket is okay…nothing really all too cool. You also get stickers that you can use to decorate the bucket. You would never be able to use the bucket to Trick-Or-Treat though…that is for sure. Waaaayyyyy to small. I didn’t really eat McDonalds growing up and its certainly not my favorite fast food. Something about the bucket, the Happy Meal, the few bites of cheeseburger I had, made me feel happy. McDonalds is like the comfort food of fast food.

Fudge enjoyed her treat and when we got home, Cubbie liked her fries as well. I guess they call them Happy Meal’s for a reason.