Cheeseburger in Paradise Review

So on Saturday night, 11/6/10, my mom and I went to Cheeseburger in Paradise. We have eaten at a CIP once before but it was in Cincinnati. This CIP was in Ft. Myers. We had to go FBA band show that Taylor was in at Ft. Myers High School. We had a few choices of places to go but ended up choosing Cheeseburger in Paradise.

Before we went, I obviously had to read the menu online. I also found, while on their website, that I could sign up for alerts and receive a free appetizer. Excellent. Free food. Sign me up! When we went in Cincinnati, I had a veggie burger and sweet potato chips – both of which were very good. Not Five Guys good, but very good nonetheless.

We arrived at around 5:30pm and were sat immediately. Our waitress took a while to get to us. The restaurant had people in it but it was not busy by any means. We ordered our drinks when she finally arrived. I wanted to order the appetizer then as well, but she left too soon. When she brought back our water, unsweet tea and diet coke, we ordered our free app. There were a few that sounded good but we ended up going with Conch Fritters. I love Conch Fritters. When the Conch Fritters came, they looked good. We were served 6 large fritters and a dipping sauce. The waitress was slow. I asked her for an unsweet tea because the diet coke tasted flat. Everything just took her a long time. I was very frustrated. The Conch Fritters were good. Not Key West good, but good. They were hot and had a good amount of conch in them.

I ordered the ‘Beach Burger’ which is a burger with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickles. I wanted a veggie burger. I forgot to order it as a veggie burger. I reminded myself like 5 times before I ordered, but still ended up forgetting. I ordered my burger with the ‘Endless Fries’ as well as some cheese dipping sauce. It was cold outside and for some reason hot cheese just sounded good. Mommy ordered the BBQ Chicken Sandwich with sweet potato chips. We planned on sharing the chips and fries.

The food arrived and looked good. The plates were pretty small and the portions were not too big. I got maybe 10 fries and Mommy did not get many sweet potato chips. I should have asked for more ‘Endless Fries’ right away but didn’t. Even though I didn’t order the veggie burger, the burger looked good. It was also nice because I got pickles on the burger as well as a large half pickle spear on the side. I love pickles. The burger was good and tasty. I dipped it into a mixture of ketchup and yellow mustard. The cheese sauce was okay…not great. When the waitress reappeared, I ordered more fries. They took forever to arrive and I was more than half way done when they did. If you are going to offer ‘endless fries’ you should have more ready to go right away.

Mommy enjoyed her BBQ grilled chicken sandwich. I didn’t try any but it looked good. It was on a whole wheat bun which she said was not too flavorful. The sweet potato chips weren’t quite what I remembered. They were a little lackluster in flavor. CIP should def offer sweet potato fries. Mmmm…how I love sweet potato fries.

The bill came out to $24. The drinks were almost $2.50 each. If I realized this, I would have only ordered water. Most places I go to, unless they have a beverage I must have, I only order water. Drinks are far too expensive. At least we got the appetizer for free. But, if I didn’t have the free appetizer code, we simply wouldn’t have ordered one. So oh well.

Overall the meal was good. The restaurant was very nice and had very clean bathrooms. I would go back but wouldn’t need to go out of my way to go back. I’d give the meal a 7/10 and the service a 5/10. The waitress was nice but was just very slow. I think our waitress was the only slow one. The music selection was excellent and the menu does offer more then just burgers.

I apologize for the lack of pictures…I didn’t bring the camera and didn’t want all cell phone pictures. If you are by a Cheeseburger in Paradise, go ahead and stop in.