New Scam

So whenever a ‘new’ food item comes out at a Fast Food place, there is tons and tons of hype. Many times, the ‘new’ item is an old item revamped or an item full of old ingredients. Most of the time these ‘new’ items are really a scam. I love Taco Bell. Love it. But Taco Bell does this ‘New Scam’ all the time. They take old ingredients, add some, remove some, change some and bam! New item! Most of the time it works. More power to them.

Many times when these new items come to be, I kind of ignore them. Yes, I may see an ad but chances are I probably won’t. And if I do see the ad, I might make a comment and then just ignore it. But sometimes, I decide that I must try this new item. And when I do decide this, I get a rush of panic as if I must try this new item NOW!

When the KFC Double Down came out, this rush of panic came to me. It did pass after about two days and I decided that I did not want to eat one. First off, I don’t like KFC. Second, I don’t eat bacon. No point in me trying. I did end up trying the Double Down but not really because I wanted to. My mom got sucked into the hype and decided we must go try. So I tried it. I ate maybe half of it them became so so so sick to my stomach. The entire ride home, I was fully on the verge of puking, started seeing black spots and was totally dizzy. I got home and ended up puking my guts out.

The new item on my radar now is, Wendy’s New Fries. The new fries have the potato skins still on the ends and are seasoned with sea salt. I want to try these fries. Now. Right now. 5 mins ago now. Now.

I thought Wendy’s ‘old’ fries were good. I don’t eat Wendy’s all too often but I do like and enjoy it. Many fast food places, I don’t like the fries but I do like Wendy’s and I will order them when I eat there. So no problems on my end with the old fries. But now that there are new fries out, I want to try them. Now.

I’m not sure when I will end up trying the fries. Wendy’s is not in my area of normal driving but I have two that aren’t all too far away from my house. I don’t even need to eat an entire meal at Wendy’s. I just really want to try those fries.

My prediction on the fries is this. I believe they will be crisper then the old fries. More like the crispiness of Burger King’s. I for see the salt to be around the same as the old fries even though, according to the nutritional facts, they have more salt. And I think overall, they will be tasty.

When I do try them, I will post a review. With pictures. For sure.

Did I mention I want to try them? Now?