Michelbobs Ribs Review

This post should have images with it. All of my posts should have images with them. But sadly, they don’t. I need to get back in the habit of bringing my camera with me everywhere. I don’t like taking them on my BlackBerry. I’d much rather have real pictures off my camera. So ohh well. I will do the review without and just add adjectives to the experience.

I really enjoy Michelbobs. They have strange hours and close for like a month during the summer which really sucks when the BBQ craving comes on. They are relatively fair in price and the portions are huge. Our last visit was on Saturday November 13th. We got there at around 5:15pm (you must get there early to get a table) and were seated right away.

We ordered our drinks and got the Onion Rings. We always get the onion rings when we visit. They are hand cut and breaded on site and are delish. I like onion rings but these are just amazing. You can taste the freshness of them with every bite. They don’t serve them with a special sauce…they just recommend you to use one of their two BBQ sauces. They have a Sweet Sauce and a Tangy Sauce. I think both sauces are good. The sweet is not overly sweet/sugary and the tangy doesn’t make you twinge.

For entrees, I ordered the BBQ Chicken Breast. Included in your meal is a choice of potato, baked beans, coleslaw and Texas toast. Your potato choices are baked potato, fries or potato salad. I ordered the fries as my potato but I actually prefer their baked potato. For some reason, fries just sounded good. I def will order the baked potato from now on. The fries are okay just not great.

Taylor ordered the Full Rack of Ribs and fries for the potato and Mommy ordered the BBQ Pork Sandwich. The food arrived hot and smelling delish. The BBQ Chicken Breast comes with two large breast pieces. Both pieces are grilled, semi-thin and coated in BBQ sauce. The BBQ sauce on the Chicken is different then the ones on the table. It is a bit more sweet & smoky. The chicken was amazing as always. So moist and tasty. The fries were okay. The baked beans were a little too saucy but still very tasty and I do not eat coleslaw. The Texas toast was crisp yet soft and very good as well.

Taylor enjoyed his ribs and ate just about all of them. Mommy enjoyed her pork sandwich and finished it off. The waitress was good at the beginning of the meal but never brought drink refills which makes me angry.

Overall, I would give the meal a 9/10 with one point being loss for the fries and the waitress. Michelbobs is awesome and a must go to in Naples. I have never tried Rib City which is the other ‘big’ BBQ place in Naples. I would be willing to try to compare the two but Michelbob’s is just so darn good. I will go one day and I will do a comparison.

And it will have pictures.