A Blast from the Past

One of my favorite sweet type items from the past, are Chocolate Italian Ices. During my many years of summer camp field trips, we frequented the Golden Gate Pool here in Naples, FL. Back in the day, GG Pool had a concession stand that sold Chocolate Italian Ices. On our almost weekly trips to the Pool, I would indulge in multiple Chocolate Italian Ices. Delicious. Wonderful. And then, the concession stand stopped carrying Chocolate Italian Ices and eventually closed down all together. I have been unable to get a Chocolate Italian Ice since they closed down about 5 years ago. Until now.

Rita’s Ice and Custard has been open in Naples for quite a while however, I had yet to visit one until last weekend. After an evening full of Geocaching with Taylor, we decided to stop in for an Ice. Rita’s serves a variety of Italian Ice flavors and frozen custard. Their Italian Ice flavors change on a daily basis and their prices are very reasonable. On Saturday night when we stopped in, Rita’s was offering Chocolate Chocolate Chip.

Even though the Chocolate Chocolate Chip was not just plain Chocolate, I decided I would order it. It had the same dark color as a Chocolate Italian Ice normally has and I figured it would most likely not have chocolate chip pieces inside. I ordered a regular (12 oz) which was more than big enough. Our total was $5 and change for two regular Italian Ices. The large Italian Ice is 18.9 ounces and only 50 cents more.

The Italian Ice was great. The flavor was just like I remember. The chocolate is not too strong and the flavor is not like eating a chocolate bar. It is more like a rich chocolate milk in ice form. Italian Ices have a very smooth ice consistency and Rita’s certainly lived up to this. My only complaint is that there were indeed mini chocolate chip pieces within the Italian Ice. I did not like having those in there but, luckily, there were not a lot of them.

Many people hear ‘Chocolate Italian Ice’ and think it will be gross. This is certainly not the case and I would recommend trying one. The chocolate flavor is consistent from start to finish and the ice does not melt quickly – very good in the Naples heat.

I will be going back to Rita’s. If they are offering Chocolate or Chocolate Chocolate Chip Italian Ice, I will get that. If not, I will try the custard. I am so glad I found an old favorite.