Still a Skyline Girl at Heart

Howdy readers! I have been back from Cincinnati for about 2 weeks now but have yet to put a post up from my eats. So, since I have so many delectable eats to review, let’s begin now!

As everyone knows from my previous posts, I am a big Skyline Chili fan. Skyline is my favorite. I love their Vegetarian Burrito. Well, on our most recent trip to Cincinnati, we decided to try Gold Star Chili. We have never gone in the past (since I love Skyline) but, everyone was ready for something new.

We arrived at this particular Gold Star to find it pretty empty. It was around 6:00pm on a Sunday night. I ordered the Burrito with Veggie Chili and Cheese & Sour Cream on top. The burrito is described as so, “Our new burritos and bowls are handmade to order with our new rice blend seasoned with Gold Star Chili spices, shredded cheddar cheese, beans, lettuce, tomato and chipotle ranch sauce.” My burrito included all of this along with the Veggie Chili.

At first look, I was not impressed by this burrito. I love the fact that my Skyline burrito is covered with a lot of cheese. That to me is just a necessity when it comes to Cincinnati Chili. Once I began to eat the burrito, I was not impressed with the flavor at all. I did see signs of the chipotle ranch sauce however, I could not taste it. My burrito seemed to be more full of rice than of veggie chili and beans. The little bit of veggie chili and beans I did have, did not have a great flavor. They left a strange taste in my mouth. Overall, 5/10.

The burrito was very fresh and I had no complaints with any of the ingredients freshness. My biggest complaints were simply just with the flavor of the burrito. Many people say that they either like Skyline or Gold Star…normally not both. While they are both Cincinnati Chili, they are both very different. Personally, I prefer the taste of Skyline over Gold Star.

Also, the oyster crackers at Gold Star were brought out in little baggies. While I am not opposed to the little baggies, I did not like that I was not offered more crackers. I had to ask the waitress once my crackers were done and wait until I was almost done with my meal before she brought me anymore. A minor complaint on the whole.

I will not be rushing back to Gold Star at any point. We did not get to visit Skyline on our trip to Cincinnati which was a real bummer. I am glad that I tried Gold Star Chili and would recommend trying both Skyline and Gold Star to determine which is best for you. For me, I am still a Skyline Girl.