That Game Was on Thursday

This past weekend we ventured the 35-minute drive to the nearest Buffalo Wild Wings to eat and watch the USF Game. We only chose to drive so far away because BWW was one of the only sports-bars showing the game and because we have never eaten at one. I was expecting it to be good because I have heard good things about it and because they had soft pretzels on the menu.

We arrived at BWW to find it fairly busy. This was about 6:40pm on a Saturday night. We sat down and I asked the waitress right away if she could put on the USF Game at 7:00pm. I explained to her that it was on ESPN 3 and ESPN Game Plan. She assured me it would not be a problem to do at 7:00pm. (Side note…I called the restaurant twice during the day to confirm they would be showing the game. I was assured that they were showing the game and, if it wasn’t on a tv I could see, that they would gladly put it on for me.)

I ordered the Soft Pretzels, which are served with queso sauce and honey mustard, along with the Naked Tenders and honey mustard. I got buffalo chips with cheese as my side for the tenders. So, 7:00pm came around and I reminded the waitress again about the game. She said her manager had to change the tv. A few moments later, the manager comes over and wants to argue with me. She told me that the USF Game was on Thursday and that even if it was on, they wouldn’t get it. I mean, this lady had the rudest attitude I have ever seen in my life. I polietley explained to her that no, USF was playing tonight at 7:00pm vs Ball State on ESPN 3 and Game Plan. I also informed her that I called twice to confirm the game was on TV. She came back at me saying she wasn’t here earlier so that isn’t her problem. She also stated that if it was on ESPN 3, she could not play it because that’s from the computer. I said okay, please check again since it is on Game Plan. She went back and a few moments later, it appeared on the screen. About 10 minutes later, she came over and said just so you know, this is off the computer. Okay lady, whatever. Obviously by your scrolling through the Direct TV Guide, I know it is from Game Plan but whatever. Okay, on to the food.

The Soft Pretzels arrived first and I ate one before the meal came and the other two during the meal. I noticed right away that they did not have a lot of salt (barely any) which is good in my book. I normally take all of the salt so this saved me a step. They were your normal size for restaurant-soft pretzels and had the correct softness and consistency. I did not like the queso sauce at all – it was very thick and had a gross after taste. I really prefer my pretzels plain so I ate them as so. These pretzels were nothing great but were still pretty good. Overall rating: 7/10.

The Naked Tenders consisted of 6 grilled chicken tenders served with honey mustard on the side. They were not able to baste the tenders in the sauce because ‘they will break apart.’ Now, I cook all the meals at my home and I baste all of my tenders in some kind of sauce. But okay. Whatever. The tenders had a really good, grilled taste. The honey mustard was different than any other honey mustard I have ever had. It was lacking flavor and the little bit of flavor it did have, did not resemble honey mustard. The honey mustard looked more like a spicy mustard but did not taste as so either. The tenders were a decent size and were surprising, all consistent in size. I enjoyed these tenders but did not enjoy the honey mustard. Overall Rating: 8/10.

The Buffalo Chips were non-impressive. The cheese that was melted on them tasted like shredded cheese and did not have a strong taste. They would have been much better with a nacho cheese sauce. The chips were inconsistent in crispiness and I found most of them to be too soft. Now, I do not like crispy fries/buffalo chips but even these were too soft for me. The Buffalo Chips really had no flavor at all and I would never order them again. Overall Rating: 4/10

Once we finally resolved the USF Game visit, our visit to BWW was nice. We had a great waitress who never let our drinks go dry. The restaurant is very, very loud which would steer me away from it. I’m not sure if I would go out of my way to visit the restaurant but, would not be opposed to visiting again. Just be sure you know what day and channel your game is on…because management knows you are wrong.