Tacos for All

Mexican Food is my favorite cuisine. Well, I don’t know if I can say Mexican food…it is probably more Americanized Mexican. Not quite Tex-Mex but, not quite purely Mexican. I am half Mexican which is probably where this love comes from. I cook a Mexican themed meal once a week at my home and love to visit Mexican Restaurants. I find that there are really no good Mexican Restaurants in Naples which is quite sad. The only place that I have found thus far in my area that has good Mexican food, is El Taquito in Immokalee.

El Taquito is about the size of a bedroom and is located right in Immokalee. Immokalee is about an hour away from my home but El Taquito, makes this drive so worth it. The first time I went to El Taquito, I left with a full belly and an over-whelming desire to visit again. It was almost a full year since my first visit when we went again at the end of August.

We arrived a bit later than planned (we had plans after) and there was no one in the restaurant. We sat down and were greeted with a plate of homemade chips and salsa. I am not a huge fan of their chips and only had a few. Unlike chain Mexican Restaurants, there is no endless flow of chips which is somewhat disappointing. I ordered 5 hard shell tacos with ground beef, lettuce, tomato, cheese and sour cream on the side. I was planning on ordering 6 but, decided last minute to just go with 5. Never doubt your stomach Nicki.

My tacos arrived on one plate and looked magical. I applied some sour cream to the first taco and dug in. The difference with these tacos and tacos from Taco Bell, is that these are fresh and authentic. The tortillas are rolled and fried daily and the meat is made just like you were making it at home. The meat does not have a sodium taste in the least. Very mellow flavor which is something I like. The lettuce, cheese and tomatoes are also fresh and finish off the taco well. My only complaint with these tacos is that they are too small and do not come with any sides. Otherwise, I love ‘em. Overall rating 9/10.

I do plan on visiting El Taquito again however, I doubt that the rest of my family would want to go. If you are looking for really good, authentic food, drive on out to Immokalee and get some El Taquito.