Before I go into this review, let me just let you all know that I am disappointed in the results of Grandma’s Backyard first contest.  I posted a contest on Friday and I did not get one comment in response to it.  This totally bummed me out.  Big time.  I was very sad.  No one gets to win a 55 Center Graeter’s Coupon.  Moving forward.

Sonic Drive-In is one of those fast food places that we have in Naples but, I never really get to.  It is located about 25 minutes away from my house and I am usually just not in the area.  There was a time when I was totally obsessed with their Diet Coke add Vanilla but, then they had the nerve to change their Vanilla Flavor.  To something totally gross and undrinkable for me.  So, my visits to Sonic are now few and far between.

A few months back, Sonic released their Sweet Potato Tots as a new side item and they have been on my list to try ever since.  I love anything Sweet Potato and had high hopes for these.  Sonic has regular tots which I find quite delicious as well.  This past weekend I got my butt down to Sonic and finally tried these Sweet Potato Tots.  Will someone please tell me why I waited so long?  Am I that crazy?

I did not see the Sweet Potato Tots on the menu as I rolled up to the Drive-Thru.  I asked the speaker if they had them and I was told they did indeed.  I decided to order a Medium size and a Route 44 Diet Coke.  My total came out to over $4.  I couldn’t believe this since it was Happy Hour and my drink was half priced.  I pulled up to the window and received my Diet Coke & receipt.  I found that the Diet Coke was indeed half price but, the tots were $2.99!  Say what!  $2.99 for a Fast Food Side?  Jeez…these better be good.

After waiting a few more moments, my bag of tots arrived.  The bag was so hot.  I had to wait a moment before I could even remove the container of tots from the bag – these had literally just come out of the hot oil bath.  I removed the container and found it to be almost full.  It wasn’t overflowing but, for the most part, it was full.  I had to wait for what felt like an eternity before trying these tots.  As I stared at them, anxiously awaiting them to party in my mouth, I noticed they were almost the same size as regular tots but perhaps a little bit smaller.

It was finally time to tear into these Sweet Potato Tots.  I bit into the first tot.  Ohh wow.  One bite and I was sold.  The exterior of the tot was crispy & crunchy with the perfect amount of crispiness to it.  Also, the exterior tasted like sweet potato goodness…not like that hot oil bath these suckers had been in mere moments before.  The simple taste of pure sweet potatoes, in a crispy form, was simply divine.

As I continued to chew my first tot, my mouth was introduced to the interior.  And yeah, it pretty much rocked.  As crispy as the exterior was, the interior was the opposite – soft & moist.  The flavors that were present in the exterior of the tot, were even more prevalent in the interior.  I could completely taste the sweet potato flavor yet, didn’t feel as if it was overbearing.  This flavor was just outstanding – very non-starchy, very deep & rich and very tasty.  I was imagining what these might taste like and Sonic nailed that right on the head.

I continued to eat my tots and found each one to be just as good as the next.  None of the tots were greasy or overcooked.  Each and every tot was just as amazing.  I did not use any dipping sauces at all for these tots but they simply didn’t need them – the textures & flavors did it all.  These were some of the tastiest sweet potato offspring that I have ever had either homemade or out.  And, this was Sonic!  Fast Food!

When I finished my Sweet Potato Tots, I felt satisfied and ready to eat more.  At a price of $2.99 for a Medium order, these may be a bit pricey to be a typical side item that you order.  I’m also not sure if they up charge you in order to have these as a side item to a combo meal.  But, in a way I understand the price due to the fact that they have Sweet Potato in them.  Adding Sweet Potato to any product is basically sure to yield a higher price.  I am so bummed that I didn’t try these tots sooner and am already devising reasons why I will need to go back…and soon.  Exterior crispiness, interior deep flavors and overall delicious tot, makes these a pure Sweetum.