My First Thai

It seems like time and time again, we are here and discussing my First Time.  I’m not sure why it always seems to be a topic of discussion or why you all just can’t get enough.  Tonight, we discuss yet another First Time.  Well, for clarification, it was really My First Thai.  My first Thai food experience.  I know, it’s kinda crazy to think that a Foodie like myself has never before had Thai food.  But, Asian food is just really not my thing.  This week, I broke out and just did it.  I am happy to say that My First Thai left me with a big smile on my face.

Earlier this week, I had a lunch meeting with Felix & Ariel from work.  I was excited for this and geared up to go.  We decided to go to Em-On’s Thai Cafe located in the Greentree Plaza.  I am up for anything and was looking forward to trying something new.  We arrived and had great service right off the bat.  We were brought to our table in a restaurant of maybe 15 tables total.  Felix recommended trying the Thai Iced Tea to drink and one of the curry lunch specials.  Since this was My First Thai, I decided to go with just that.

I figured Thai Iced Tea would be just a differently flavored Iced Tea.  Now, I am an Iced Tea junkie.  I love a tall, cold glass of Unsweet Iced Tea.  With no sweetener at all.  The Thai Iced Tea was served in a large, tall, glass Glass and was multi-colored when it first arrived.  The lower part of the tea was a dark brown-red color while the upper part was like the color of milk.  I mixed the tea up and had a sip.  Weird is the best way to describe this.  It kinda tasted like tea but, when I swallowed the tea, it was more along an orange cream-soda taste and consistency.  Weird, weird, weird.  The tea was sweet but, it didn’t taste like sweet tea.  If you have never had this before, we simply can not grasp it.  After review online, I found out that it is a Black Tea mixed with condensed milk, coconut milk and sweetener.

Since I ordered a lunch special, it came with soup.  I first said no thanks on the soup but, Felix said to try it.  I got the wonton soup and actually enjoyed it.  I couldn’t tell you the last time I had wonton soup.  This Thai version was way better than other versions I’ve had.  The broth was very light and not overly sugary.  The veggies inside – carrots, spinach, onions – were soft but yet still had a slight bit of crisp to them.  As for the wonton, the exterior was very thin and the interior was chicken.  I really enjoyed this soup and could have made lunch off a larger bowl.

My main meal consisted of Thai Curry with Shrimp served with veggies, roll and white rice.  Thai Curry has the additions of peanut sauce and coconut milk.  I requested my curry to be not spicy and the chef did an excellent job.  This curry had just enough bite in it for me to enjoy the flavors of the spice rather than suffer by them.  The shrimp were pan-cooked and juicy.  I enjoyed mixing the shrimp with the curry they were in.  My only problem with the shrimp, is that the tails were left on.  The veggies were all peppers and, while I am not a huge fan, I did end up eating almost all of them.  The taste of the peppers mixed with the curry was awesome.  This was the best combination I have had with peppers.

The curry sauce itself was somewhat sweet but, I think there was way too much of it on the plate.  A good chunk of it was left after I finished.  The white rice was sticky and basic and also worked really well with the curry.  As for the roll, I think it was a veggie roll as I did not taste any meat.  It was very small and skinny yet tasted as if it had just been cooked.  This resulted in a crispy exterior and equally crispy interior.  Again, I don’t know the last time I have had one of these but, this was way better than any other version I’ve had.

I finished my meal with ease and can say that I really enjoyed it.  I don’t think I would seek out Thai food on my own but, I would have no problem at all returning to Em-On’s.  The service was great and the food was served hot and fresh.  We all enjoyed our meals and left feeling satisfied.  If I return, I think I will order exactly the same thing but, I may not need to go for the Thai Iced Tea.  While it was indeed an experience, it may be one that I can say I tried but don’t need to do again.  Plus, this was one heck of a lunch special option.

So, there you have it.  Yet another time of me pouring out my guts and telling you all about my first time.  I hope you enjoyed it and can also leave with a smile on your face.  It may have been My First Thai but, I have a feeling it won’t be my last.