Is there anything better than the minty-refreshing aftertaste of food in your mouth?  Well yes, there are lots of things that are better than this.  But, when it comes to food and the tastes they leave, this has to be one of my favorites.  As much as I love milk, I can’t stand the aftertaste of it…especially after running at 4:40am.  However, any time I eat a minty-refreshing food, my mouth is left in love.  I love spending that time within my taste buds and enjoying every morsel of goodness.  When I heard about the White Chocolate Peppermint M&Ms coming out for the season, I got a shiver and knew I was in for some Minty-Refrshing.


I picked up these M&Ms one Friday night at Target.  Since they are a Target exclusive, I grabbed them as soon as I could, in fear they would soon be gone.  After sitting in the pantry for a day or two, it was finally time to try these out.  I cut open the package and my nostrils were hit with mint.  I knew this was a good sign, as my nose hairs adjusted to that minty cool.  I removed some of the M&Ms from the bag and found them to be similar in size to the Candy Corn & Peanut Butter variety.  I had higher hopes for these then I did with the Candy Corn and I can say, they didn’t stand me up.


I ate the first M&M whole and let my mouth absorb the flavors.  Yes, I did indeed receive a blast of minty goodness but, this minty goodness was equally matched with a blast of sweet white chocolate.  Even after this first M&M, I was really digging the flavor.  While the mint was strong and throughout each M&M, the white chocolate played down the mintiness and brought my mouth back to reality.  For my next M&M, I bit it in half and, even though the sample size had decreased, the flavor still stayed strong.  I ate the M&Ms I took out and could have very easily downed some more.  The perfect amount of mint, with the after-hit of white chocolate, was just killer.


I am one of those OCD people who eat my M&Ms in order of color, from least to greatest.  So was the case with these White Chocolate Peppermint M&Ms.  I have had a few more of these since I first tried them and, every time, they are just as good as the first time.  Every M&M has the perfect flavor ratio and will leave you signing Merry Christmas Baby.  While I don’t think I would say these are the best M&Ms ever, they are certainly the best Limited Time Flavor I have ever had.  Not only was my mouth left wanting for more, it was also left with the Minty-Refreshing feeling that it so desires.