A Cool 100

I love Oreos.  Totally love them.  I would probably say that they are my favorite cookie ever.  I enjoy eating them cold, out of the refrigerator.  In the past few weeks, I have moved my stash into a mason jar, located in the refrigerator.  On my allowed dessert days, I whip open the jar and have 1.  Delicious.  I also enjoy quite a few of the different varieties of Oreos.  When Oreo celebrated its Cool 100 over the summer, they released the Limited Edition Birthday Cake Oreos.  Well, sorry for me, I did not get a package in time.  However, a few months later, they appeared again at Publix.  And this time, I was not going to miss them.


I purchased the Oreos and packed them in Taylor’s lunch before I actually tried them.  When I opened the package, I felt like I was opening a container of frosting.  The smells that was being sent out from the Oreos, was tantalizing.  I had no idea what flavor I would be expecting.  Taylor tried them before I and totally loved them.  When I was finally ready to try them, I took 2 out of the package and prepared to fall in love.  I guess I just assumed that I would love these just as much as any other Oreo.


Well, I’m sorry to say that was not the case.  I mean they were good, don’t get me wrong, but, they were nothing that great.  I def preferred the Original over the Birthday Cake variety right from my first bite.  The cookies were the standard – chocolatey, crunchy layers of goodness.  My real beef came from the cream.  As much as I could smell it from the package and the cookie itself, the flavor of it was just not as good.  It had more of a stale-sugar taste to it than a sweet, rich flavor of goodness.  I felt as if the sub-par cream filling, brought the overall cookie down quite a few notches.  After eating both of my cookies, I felt the same way.  I was left wanting more…wanting that Original Oreo goodness.


Like I said, it’s not that these were bad but, they weren’t really that good either.  I only ate these 2 Oreos out of the entire package.  Taylor really liked them and I will purchase them again…granted I see them again.  Maybe I just went into it expecting too much.  Maybe I figured that A Cool 100 would equate into fireworks in my mouth and sparklers on my teeth.  Unfortunately, I don’t think this Oreo is really anything that great.  Even so, Oreos are still an amazing cookie and all of the other great varieties, make up for this not so great one.