New Year, New You

Well, Happy 2013 to Everyone.  I am one of those boring people who does not even stay up until midnight to watch the ball drop or Dick Clark and Rocking New Year’s Eve.  As it is a New Year, we have been bombarded by commercials for every gym, weight loss program or supplement that will help you become a New You.  It’s a New Year, New You kind of advertisement.  Lucky for me, I am healthy all year long so, I get to laugh when everyone starts off January so great and by Superbowl, are back to their own ways.  As a bit of motivation to any of you that fit this bill, snack on one of these suckers.


Blue Diamond is known for their nuts.  I’m not sure when these Nut Chips came out but, I found them at the Wal-Mart about a month ago.  For only one-dollar and change, I grabbed a bag.  The bag advertises these to be Made from Brown Rice & Almond along with a whopping 22grams of Whole Grains from Brown Rice.  And, a quick review of the nutrition label, tells us that you can eat 15 of these suckers for a mere 130 calories.  Now that is what I call a New Year Winner.


Opening the bag, I am not presentened with any overwhelming smells.  Removing a chip, I find it to be much thicker than a normal tortilla chip and a bit on the greasy side.  Not greasy as if it was cooked in high-fat oils but, greasy like someone just juiced some almonds.  The chips appearance is quite similar to that of a normal tortilla chip but, the color is a bit darker.  There are apparent specs of almonds within each and every chip.


After biting into my first chip, I’m loving these already.  The texture is awesome – thick & crunchy – a perfect chip for dipping.  The flavor of the chip is harder to put my finger on but, the taste of brown rice and almonds are certainly apparent.  While the flavors are there, they do not overpower the chip.  The addition of sea salt provides the chip with a touch of flavor and allows the rice & almonds to truly come together.  Eating this chip leaves me totally wanting another.  And another.  And another.  After all, you have a full 15 chips to a serving.

Overall, these Blue Diamond Nut Chips are a winner.  I was pleasantly surprised by how amazing the crunch is.  And, the flavor is pretty good too.  The sweet & savory combination of ground brown rice, almonds and a sprinkling of sea salt, produces one delicious little number.  As you are cleaning out your cabinets, and working out at the gym, these will be a great purchase.  And, who knows, you may end up liking them so much that they will last much longer than your all-fruit diet.  Here’s to a New Year, New You.