Rocking New Sushi

By far, one of my favorite things to eat, is Sushi.  I just love the stuff.  Whether it be as simple as a California Roll from Publix or as complex as a Naples Roll from Sushi Thai, the stuff is just great.  I find myself eating it far less than I would like to.  The main cause of this is the price.  Sushi is not a cheap item to eat and I find that I usually need 2 rolls to fill me up for dinner.  While Publix & Whole Foods do offer convenient options, often times I am not at Publix or Whole Foods when the craving hits.  For New Years Eve dinner, we decided to visit Da Ru Ma – a Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar.  And let’s just say, this was Rocking New Sushi.


Da Ru Ma offers hibachi style cooking at your table.  Mommy & Taylor both opted for this route however, we did all decide to order a sushi roll as an appetizer.  Since I would also be eating sushi as my meal, I said they could pick the roll.  They opted on the Shrimp Tempura roll.  This roll was served in perfectly sized pieces – ideal for chopsticks and your mouth.  I asked for a side of Spicy Mayo to accompany the roll as well.  I did not love this roll but, it was not bad either.  I found the avocado to be a bit too mushy and flavorless.  The shrimp tempura had no crisp to it at all – a total bummer since tempura in sushi, done right, is rocking.  I only had 2 pieces of this and was quite content with that.


For my meal, I ordered 2 rolls.  The first we will discuss is the Jumbo Spider Roll.  Our waiter told me it came with soft shell crab but, he forgot to mention it was tempura.  Maybe this is the standard for this roll – it could be and if so, my bad.  While the presentation is indeed pretty rocking, the actual crab tempura would not be my first choice.  While I could really only taste the tempura in two of the pieces, I think I would have preferred just normal soft shell crab.  Overall, I did enjoy this roll.  There was a ton of crab & filling in each roll and, although the pieces were a bit large, the overall flavor was delicious.  Dipped in just a touch of spicy mayo, this roll was brought to an entirely new level.


By far, my favorite roll of the evening, was the Lobster Cream Cheese.  I knew I would be getting this roll even before we arrived – I had this last time I was at Da Ru Ma and loved it.  What makes this roll so amazing, is the huge amount of lobster you receive in every piece.  While the lobster is not hot, it is also not cold.  This allows the temperature difference to be felt with the lobster and cream cheese…which to me, enhances the flavor even more.  Every single piece of this roll was just simply amazing – flavors bursting with each and every bite.  I was bummed when I finished this roll because I was simply loving it so so so much.  An absolute must have when you visit Da Ru Ma.

Besides the fact that the sushi was Rocking, the prices at Da Ru Ma are totally reasonable.  Of the 3 rolls we ordered, none were priced over $10.  The main prices for the sushi rolls range in the $7 to $10 range – the perfect price, if you ask me.  We had an awesome time at Da Ru Ma, sat with some really fun people, and all left full and satisfied.  Plus, I must mention, the service was amazing.  My iced tea & water glasses were being constantly refilled & our waiter/chef were very attentive (quite different from Christmas Dinner…review to come).  If you are looking for great sushi, and a fun time, check out Da Ru Ma.  It may not have been a Rocking New Years Eve but, it was some Rocking New Sushi.