When Burger King first introduced their Sweet Potato Fries over the summer, I made it a point to try them as soon as I possibly could. I found, that after a few tries, they were pretty awesome and a great addition to the menu. Then, months went by and I did not visit BK again. Finally, one Saturday afternoon some time ago, I ended up at BK and ready for some more of these fries. While they did not appear on the menu, I was able to order them. Let’s just say it was quite a Surprise! when I opened my bag to find a new sorta Surprise!

BK has been in a mad frenzy of releasing new products. Since I rarely eat fast food, I find out about most of these via the numerous food blogs I read. However, when I opened my food bag that November evening, and found a new type of Sweet Potato Fry, I was totally taken by surprise. While these were not yet mentioned on the menu, and I had yet to read about them, I was presented with the Seasoned Curly Sweet Potato Fries.


I was really looking forward to the original fries when I realized these were different. My issue with curly fries is that you end up with way too many pieces and far too few actual curly fries. So was the case with these BK fries. A majority of my bag was full of randomly sized pieces and, overall, I really only had 5 or 6 actual curly fries. This caused me to really not care for the actual flavor & taste of the fries – it is pretty hard to really enjoy a piece of a fry.


I found the seasoning – cinnamon in nature – to not work as well with the fries as it could have. The flavor of the cinnamon was too false, the potato pieces too lacking – the overall product just not quite there. I did see quite a bit of taste improvement on my actual curly fries – the cinnamon provided a basic coating for the sweet & starchy fry. If only I could have had a bag full of these, I would declare these a sure winner. Unlucky for me, this was not the case. What a bummer.


I had no problem eating all of my fries but, they really just weren’t that good. The combination of pseudo cinnamon and fry pieces, just did nothing for me. I really don’t get why BK had to switch up these fries and why they decided to do it without my approval. For me, no surprise is a good thing. But, in the case of the BK Seasoned Sweet Potato Fries, a simple Surprise! equalled one unhappy lady.