Zero On In

One of my favorite things about writing a Food Blog, is when someone gives me an item and tells me to try & review it for the blog.  Now, this doesn’t happen all too often but, when it does, I am beyond excited.  Hopefully, one day, Grandma’s Backyard will be one of the top Food Blogs and I will receive countless free items from every food company & restaurant imaginable.  Until that day comes, I rely on my followers, readers and friends/family to supply this.  Last week, the CEO of my company, hooked me up.  Well, let’s just say that he let me Zero On In.


I was presented with the Zero Candy Bar and knew right away – try & review.  I have seen the Zero bar before – it’s not your typical candy bar but, it can be found in local stores.  For no particular reason, I have never tried one.  But now, I was presented with not just a Zero Candy Bar but with a Zero King Size Candy Bar.  I brought it home and tried it in the evening after dinner.  The package is pretty spiffy looking – I love the futuristic silver-gray look.  It is described as, ‘Caramel, Peanut and Almond Nougat covered with White Fudge.’  I had no idea what to expect so, I ripped it open and dove in.


At first glance, this looks so odd.  Since it is covered in White Fudge, rather than the more-common milk chocolate, the appearance takes you back.  I cut off a piece and examined the layers.  The nougat was by far the largest part of this bar and I could see a sliver of a nut within the nougat.  The top of the bar contained a thin caramel layer.  And, all of this was covered in white fudge.  I stuck the first piece in my mouth and began to chew.  Where was the candy bar?  Was I truly eating Zero?


As odd as this sounds, that is almost what this was like.  The large amount of nougat makes this bar feel light and airy.  I was expecting this to be crazy sweet however, I found the sweetness to be just right.  The white fudge was there but, really didn’t play too big of a role.  The key factor in this bar was the combination of nougat.  I don’t believe I have ever had a bar that was both Peanut & Almond Nougat.  While there were some slivers of nuts, most of the flavor came from the nougat itself.  Rather than being very sugary, I could taste the infusions of peanut and almond within the nougat.


The caramel layer was not huge however, it provided a little touch of flavor and a different consistency.  I liked how the caramel paired with the nougat – it tasted quite nice together.  The only part of the bar that was in the background was the white fudge.  Normally, white chocolate is more sugary than milk chocolate.  I found the white fudge covering this bar to be neither too sweet nor too delicate – it provided just a touch of flavor.  I would have liked for this to be a little more apparent however, this did not hurt the overall flavor of the bar.  Every bite I had – 3 in total – were quite delicious.

This bar really has the right name.  Whereas filled candy bars are normally thick & chewy, I found this bar to be airy & light.  I did not feel like I was on a sugar high after my 3 bites nor did my jaw get a workout while eating this.  While I don’t think I would go out of my way to purchase one of these – I really only ever buy candy for consumption with Grandma’s Backyard – I would have no problem eating one of these again.  Remember readers, followers & family/friends – if you give it to me, I will try & review it.  I love having direct contact with you all.  In the case of this candy bar, I was able to Zero On In.