Moltenly Good

It seemed as if the Day After Christmas, Burger King was over the Gingerbread stuff and on to their next promotion.  So is the course that BK has taken over the past year or so.  Introduce as many new products – or variations on existing products – as possible.  The one who gets the most, wins.  While I did indeed enjoy the Gingerbread offerings, I was beyond excited when I saw the next promotion – Molten Fudge Bites & Molten Fudge Bite Sundae.  If there is one thing I can say about me, it is that I love me some molten fudge desserts.  And, I am here to report that these, are Moltenly Good.


It took me a while to finally try these but, when I did I was not disappointed.  I ordered the Sundae and a Small Order of Bites.  My bites arrived warm and the sundae had a warm bite right on top.  The size of the sundae was a bit small – much smaller than the bacon sundae – but, this was okay with me.  The ice cream was the same…creamy, smooth, just enough flavor.  I really think BK has some good ice cream.  On top of the sundae, and mixed throughout, was caramel and hot fudge syrup.  I enjoyed both of these…both with the ice cream and the molten bite.  My sundae had 1 bite on top and 1 bite on the bottom.  By the time I got to the bottom of my sundae cup, the bite was still warm…a good thing indeed.


I would have liked if the sundae had more bites but, I think it was still quite tasty overall.  I loved how the cold ice cream paired with the warm, molten bite.  Now, as for the bites, they were good.  While I would not say that the interior was molten, it was ooey & gooey.  This was similar to the consistency of brownie batter after it has been in the oven for a few minutes.  It was a bit dense yet, still had enough of a liquidy feel to be gooey.


The flavor of the fudge inside was very chocolately and did not leave any odd aftertastes.  As for the exterior of the bite, it was slightly crispy and cooked just enough.  I enjoyed how it had a bit of a crispy exterior to it and I really enjoyed how the bite all went together.  The exterior of the bite was similar to a chocolate cookie mixed with a brownie.  While it did not taste exactly like either one, I could taste the influcene from both.  With a slight dusting of powdered sugar, this bite was just delish.

I am def digging the Molten Fudge Bites and the Sundae.  I think this would make a great addition on the normal BK menu and I would most certainly get both of these items again.  My only recommendation would be to add a few more bites to the sundae.  Other than that, BK really nailed this one.  Ooey-gooey centered Molten Fudge Bites are a great dessert item or afternoon snack.  And that sundae – ooey gooey mixed with cool ice cream – is a great addition as well.  These sure are Moltenly Good.