Bring On the Bunnies

Before Valentine’s Day was even over, the Easter items were beginning to appear.  I love how we just continually rush time.  I do it on a daily basis – counting down the days until the weekend arrives.  In the ‘themed’ food area of stores, this speed up process occurs even more so.  Valentine’s Day close to done, yes, so Bring On the Bunnies.  I do have a few must-have items during the Easter Season but, this year, I was also presented with a new one to try.  White Chocolate Carrot Cake M&Ms.  Odd sounding?  Well perhaps but, these suckers are pretty tasty.


I first learned of these from Mommy’s All You Magazine.  I knew I would be trying them when she showed me the add.  A few days later, I was in Target and grabbed me a bag.  Opening the bag, I found that the M&Ms are all pretty in their pastels.  Once again, the size of the M&M is close to a Peanut or Peanut Butter variety.  The M&Ms do not have any distinctive flavor…perhaps a bit of white chocolate but, nothing that dominated my nose buds.  For my first M&M, I bit into it to reveal the inside.  Within the chocolate shell, was a white chocolate ball of goodness, containing both M&M and Carrot Cake Flavors.


I ate the first M&M and really couldn’t taste any specific flavors.  I kinda got hits of white chocolate…I kinda got hints of Carrot Cake…but, nothing really stood out.  However, after eating another M&M, the flavors started to pop.  By my 3rd one, I was really digging these.  The white chocolate plays perfectly with the carrot cake, creating a smooth cream-cheese-frosting-like flavor and consistency.  Eating this M&M was smooth…that is the best way to describe it.  From the first bites to the last, everything about this is smooth.  I could taste the white chocolate and traditional carrot cake flavors, with the cream cheese frosting.  From start to finish, the flavors played well together and produced the smoothest tasting M&M I have ever had.  This M&M nailed the flavor profile it was going for to a tee.  My good friend Archie would have really liked these.


I found myself wanting to eat more than the typical trial size of M&Ms when I first tried these.  And unlike some of the other White Chocolate M&M varities, I have gone back in for more.  These M&Ms are really good and a nice addition to the rows of bunnies and eggs available at this time.  If you like white chocolate or carrot cake, I really think you will like these M&Ms.  Just do yourself a favor and get some soon.  Before you know it, Easter will be getting pushed aside so we can bring in the Patriotic Gear.  While you have a chance, enjoy some of these and say to yourself Bring On the Bunnies.