A Tampa Favorite

Way back in January (yes, this is so overdo), we were in Tampa for the USF Mens Basketball Game vs Notre Dame.  The game was at 12:00pm so the plan was to watch the game, perhaps have a snack at the game, then head off for lunch after the game.  USF plays its bball games on campus in the Sun Dome.  Before we even arrived in Tampa for the day, we had our lunch location selected.  Located just a few short minutes from campus, Taco Bus on Fletcher is simply A Tampa Favorite.  And a place we needed to go.


Taco Bus has been on our list of places to go to for quite some time.  After the success of their first location, within a bus, Taco Bus opened additional venues – the one on Fletcher being one of these.  Taco Bus is known for their well, tacos, and providing them to hungry college students.  When we arrived, we ordered at the replica bus located within the restaurant.  We decided to try both the Guacamole and chips and the Squash Dip appetizer.  Both were served with chips and they arrived at our table prior to the food.


I was surprised with how few chips we received.  The guacamole was served in the center of the plate and a single-layer of chips were located around it.  Maybe I am just spoiled with the ever-flowing chips normally received at a Mexican restaurant…hence my disbelief at the minimal amount of chips we received.  I found the chips to be quite thick, certainly homemade and traditional in flavor.  These did not stand out but, were sturdy enough to scoop the guacamole.  The guac was chunky and fresh however, it was lacking flavors.  I still enjoyed it but have to say I prefer the guac from Chipotle or made table side.


As for the squash dip, it was served warm with a small amount of queso blanco.  The flavors were nothing amazing and the consistency was odd.  With the addition of salsa, I liked this quite a bit more.  Located on the table were containers with 2 types of salsa – a sweet and a spicy.  I did not think the spicy was too too spicy but, had most of my meal with the sweet.  The sweet salsa was not at all chunky but provided the food with additional flavor and wetness.  I really liked how it went with the squash dip but, I don’t think I would have a reason to order this dip again.  Mommy really enjoyed this dip, even though it didn’t do much for me.


For my meal, I went with the Chicken Tacos and rice & beans.  The only option for tacos, is soft tacos.  I opted for both flour and corn so I could try both.  While I do greatly prefer a hard taco, the tortillas were okay.  I think the corn tortilla was better and tasted more homemade.  The flavors in the flour tortilla tasted right out of the bag – a bummer especially when you have had one of Grandma Rosas.  Within the taco, was chicken and cheese.  I found the chicken to be very salty and not have a great grilled flavor to it.  I absolutely needed the salsa on the taco to even be able to eat it.  I was truly shocked with just how dry and thick it was.  At the same time, the taco was very filled – they did not jip you at all.

As for the rice and beans, they were y0ur typical fare.  I found the rice to be a little bit salty and overcooked.  The beans were fine…nothing really special.  Reading reviews of Taco Bus made me expect the world.  I thought for sure these would be my favorite tacos ever.  So was not the case.  Plus, with the appetizers and drinks, this lunch was nearly $50 – nothing cheap about this place.  I’m sure I will end up eating at Taco Bus again as Mommy really liked it and we are pretty frequent visitors to USF.  Perhaps next time I will understand why Taco Bus is simply A Tampa Favorite.