Say What?

I go about always looking for new items that I can review here in Grandma’s Backyard.  Of course, the Limited Time Offerings or New Features from restaurants are a given but, often times, I find things without even trying.  So was the case in this item.  A trip to World Market yielded this sucker.  Normally priced at 99cents, I got this thing for 55% off.  I figured this was due to the fact that it was completely not popular – a product of Greece produced in Coral Gables – Say What?  But, after I consumed the thing, I came to find it was on sale because, it had expired.  Schwing.


The Waffleloo is described as a soft, delicious waffle ready to eat, and filled with chocolate.  I got this purely because it was so cheap but always because I love waffles.  I have tried a few other ‘packaged’ waffle products before and found them to all be gross.  I figured what the heck.  And the addition of chocolate…it’s got to be good right.  I opened the packaging to find what looked to be a waffle.  On the side of the waffle, I could see some chocolate, separating the top and bottom waffle pieces.  I did not smell the good, delicious traditional smell that accompanies waffles.  Without another thought, I broke a piece off and tried it.


Well, this was weird.  The waffle did not taste like waffle at all.  Rather, it tasted like stale white bread that was extra thick.  In my first bite, I could taste the consistency of the chocolate but, I could not taste it at all.  My mouth was overwhelmed with the consistency of the waffle – it was just so thick and stale.  I decided that a quick pop in the microwave may help this.  While this trip in the wave did melt the chocolate a bit, and warm up the waffle, it did nothing for the taste.  Rather than a room temperature mess of a mouth, I had one with some heat.  Blah…this was just so not good.  I had no idea this was supposed to be a waffle or was supposed to be chocolate.  I can understand the waffle not having any flavor but, the chocolate being flavorless too…Say What?


The ingredients were all listed in Greek so, I cannot say for sure what this waffle sandwich consisted of.  Perhaps this would have tasted better had it not been expired but man, this thing really sucked as it was.  I am still in shock about the fact that the waffle did not taste like waffle at all and the chocolate, while existent, had a completely nonexistent flavor.  I tried my best to carry on and eat more of this thing…hoping the flavor would somehow just hit me…after it had time to saturate my taste buds.  Well, by the time I was halfway done, I realized so would not be the case and I gave up.  Foods from Greece should just not be produced in Coral Gables.  If you happen to run across one of these, I would recommend avoiding it.  The lack of any flavor whatsoever, accompanied by the thick & stale flavors, will leave you saying Say What?