The first time I went to a Red Robin, was in Cincinnati.  It was great.  The burger was awesome and the fries were endless.  I totally loved the meal.  This was back in 2007.  Then, I did not visit a Red Robin again until one opened in GCTC in 2010.  It sucked – the service sucked, the food sucked and the fries were not endless.  From that visit, until just a few weeks ago, I had not visited a Red Robin.  Sure their promotions always look good, and who can resist enless fries, but we just never went.  After going to see Identity Theif in GCTC, we went to Red Robin for dinner.  All I can say is Yummmmm.


We deicded to start off with an appetizer of Onion Rings and Sweet Potato Fries.  I realize now that my photo sucks…my apologies.  I was using my phone as I did not bring the camera.  Well, both the onion rings and the sweet potato fries were great.  The batter of the onion rings was so crispy and flavorful.  The onion itself was soft and not stringy.  Put together, these things were quite delectable.  I really enjoyed the cruncy, sweet batter – it made these just great.  The sweet potato fries were also quite good.  They were just slightly crispy on the exterior, with that magical sweet interior.  I would have liked to have had a full order of these…they were really that good.  Two items I would certainly order again.


For my meal, I went with the Red’s Tavern Double Burger in a Lettuce Wrap.  This is a smaller burger than the normal but, since I was getting it in lettuce, I thought this would be a good idea.  Plus, this came with two patties.  The burger itself had American Cheese, lettuce, tomato and Tavern Sauce on it.  This was a great burger.  The burger itself was so juicy and flavorfull…plus, it had the grilled flavor on it that I just love.  I did not find the patties to be greasy at all yet, they did maintain a good amount of juiciness to them.  The toppings were all great as well.  I especially liked how strong the lettuce wrap was.  It had no problem containing my burger and providing flavor to it.  I dipped my burger into a mix of ketchup and mustard and all flavors mixed perfectly together.  I would definatley get this burger again, on a lettuce wrap as well.

On this visit, we were actually able to get endless fries.  My only beef with this is that by the time you order more fries, you are basically done with your meal.  With my burger, I only received 10 or so fries so I almost immediatley asked for some more.  While steak fries are not my favorite variety, I do enjoy these fries.  Red Robin makes them crispy enough to where you do not feel like you are eating just potato mash.  I also enjoy the seasoning that is sprinkled onto these…it provides a smoky, salty flavor.  These fries were great and the second order was even better – they came out pipping hot and the freshness could be tasted throughout.

While I do not regret the long period of time between visits, I am very glad that we gave Red Robin another try.  Yes, this is just another burger/pub food place but, this visit was great.  We had good services (our drinks were never empty) and the food was fantastic.  The only bummer was that the booth ate Mommy’s sunglasses…never to be seen again.  I will indeed visit Red Robin again and probably order all of the same food.  If you are looking for some good burger options, at a fun restaurant, than head to Red Robin and you too will be saying Yummmmm.