Because I am a Foodie

I am a Foodie through and through.  I love food.  I love to eat.  I love eating as much as I possibly can.  I love trying different food items.  I just am a Foodie.  So, when I spot a new or unusual item, chances are I am buying it.  My reason is always for Grandma’s Backyard but, in my heart, my reason is simple – I am a Foodie.  While this is a term used far more frequently now then ever before, I have related with this term for a loooong time.  Even before the Backyard, I was taking images of food…reading menus for the heck of it…and documenting everything I ate.  A few weeks ago at Whole Foods, we spotted these Annie Chung’s Seaweed Snacks.  Well, this was an easy purchase.  Why?  Because I am a Foodie.


I picked up this package of Sesame flavored Roasted Seaweed Snacks for only $1.  Upon arriving home, I opened up the package to try them out.  Well, the first thing I noticed was the smell.  I felt like I just walked into a fish market selling nothing but smelly fish.  The smell of fish that comes from this package is unbelievable.  Beyond pungent.  Oh my.  It was strong.  After getting past this, I removed one of the snacks.  I found it to be pretty much paper-thin with a greasy exterior.  There were some speckles of salt seen on the snacks as well.  Without another thought, I placed the entire thing in my mouth and began to eat.


The consistency that I found is hard to pinpoint.  In no way was this thing crispy.  No, no crispness here…as you usually find with roasted items.  It was similar to eating rice paper but, a little bit more crinkly.  The snack started to almost melt in my mouth and form a very odd, almost gooey like, paste.  This was weird.  I found that chewy and swallowing the snack as quickly as possible yielded the best results.  But, it also yielded a mouth full of one flavor – fish.  These would certainly not have the ‘No Burpie’ label that you see on Fish Oil pills.  Ohh no…Annie made these with extra burpies.

I ended up eating maybe 4 of these before I just had enough.  Beyond the fishy, seaweed flavor, I could actually taste the salt of these as well.  A good thing…I guess?  Beyond a doubt, the consistency of these is just plain bad.  Maybe if they were a little less crispy and did not form an odd goo, they would have been better.  But then again, I come back to the flavors, and think probably not.  I only spent a $1 on these things so I didn’t really lose anything.  No, I will never ever purchase these again.  Looking back, I would do it all over again.  And you know why?  Because I am a Foodie.