One Amazing Taco

It’s Day 2 of our talks on El Agave Azul.  The Reds are playing the Cardinals as we speak.  A Game 3 of a pathetic 3-game series.  The Reds had a 4-0 lead on Monday and lost, forgot how to run the bases & lost yesterday and now have the bases loaded with no outs.  So I apologize in advance if this post runs all over the place as my mind is consumed in the game.  Plus, today at work, was a bit insane.  Enough of that…let’s talk about One Amazing Taco.

Another item that we decided to try at El Agave Azul was a Taco.  You have the option of either a corn or flour tortilla – both of which are are made in store.  We opted for ours to be in Flour Tortillas with the Everything Toppings – lettuce, pico, crema & queso blanco.  Once again, we opted for the shredded chicken, seasoned in salsa roja.  With a total of 3 of these tacos, I knew they were going to be good.  While they were not huge, they were the average size for a try Mexican Taco.  (The Reds just scored 3 runs…3 to 0 Reds)


While I do prefer hard tacos, there is nothing better than a fresh tortilla.  While these tortillas were no Grandma Rosa tortillas, it was still awesome.  The tortilla was thin, warm and just divine.  The tortilla had the perfect amount of chew to it and was strong enough to hold all of the toppings within the taco.  I loved how the tortilla played a part in every single bite I had.  Once again, the chicken was very moist & tasty.  I really loved the combination of the cold ingredients – taco, pico, crema & queso – with the tortilla.  These bites were by far my favorite and I could see myself ordered a taco meatless to enjoy this in its purity.  (4 to 0 Reds)

I downed this taco in about 5 bites and could have easily eaten plenty more.  But remember, this was the order than never ended and we have so many more items to discuss.  I think I did like the tostada more than the taco but, by far, I loved this tortilla.  I also ordered a side of tortillas on their own…heaven on earth.  The combination of fresh tortilla, moist chicken & tasty cold ingredients made this One Amazing Taco.  (Reds are up 5 to 0…top of the 1st…please let us win)