That’s So-Pay

Let us pick up our journey through El Agave Azul, right where we left off.  Before we arrived at El Agave Azul, we knew what we would be having.  And one of those items was the Sope.  Pronounced So-Pay, the Sope is a Mexican Item that I have never before had.  I didn’t really know what to expect as most reviews just raved about it but left out what was so good.  After having one of my own, I can say, That’s So-Pay.

I opted for the Vegetarian So-Pay which featured sauteed mushrooms & onions.  The sope itself is like nothing you have never had before.  Think of the mix between a tortilla and a funnel cake.  The sope is a really, really think tortilla that, while thick, is something hollow on the inside.  It is fried up and, when eaten, has the consistency of a funnel cake – crispy on the outside and oh-so-pillowy on the inside.  The taste was similar to a tortilla but more like tortilla chips.


My first bite included a mix of flavors.  On top of the sope, was a layer of refried beans then the mushrooms & onions.  Next up was a sprinkle of lettuce, pico, crema and queso blanco – the same toppings as what were on all of my items so far.  The sope by far had the greatest amount of queso blanco.  And I really think this queso complimented the sope so much.  The sope shell had that crispiness to it that mixed so perfectly with the queso.  The other toppings were equally as good but, I think the mushrooms & onions, mixed with the queso, were the pure winners.  The mushrooms & onions were perfectly cooked and flavored to a tee.

The combination of all of the flavors and consistencies was just divine.  I mean divine.  Everything about this item was perfect.  I would not change anything about this and would totally order multiple sopes on my next visit.  I loved the new, thick consistency of the sope and, mixed with the mushrooms & onions and queso, this was just amazing.  Wonderful flavors…tons of toppings…That’s So-Pay.