Monkey Munch? Guys What’s Monkey Munch?

Even though I am not a huge fan of Chex on its own, I absolutely love making & consuming Monkey Munch.  Monkey Munch is simply divine.  I will take a mixture of Chex,… Continue reading

Post 100

You did it!  Congratulations!  World’s Best Cup of Coffee!  Well…not quite but, it is Post 100!!!  Woo-Hoo!  Schwing!  Party Horn!  Cow Bell!  Fireworks!  I can’t believe we have hit the milestone of Post… Continue reading

Zinging Love

Who would ever think that a simple chicken tender tossed in a sauce could be one of the most tasty things ever?  A piece of chicken breast, lightly breaded, fried and tossed in… Continue reading

Surprisingly Tasty

The last thing I wanted to do on my Monday after New Year’s, a day I had off work, was spend my day at Busch Gardens.  But, I was asked to drive Taylor… Continue reading

Hop, Skip and Jump…Far Away

Stonewood Grill and Tavern is literally a hop, skip and a jump away from my house yet, I can count the times I have been there on one hand.  I’m not fully sure… Continue reading

No Melting Peanut Butter Waterfall for Me

As I believe I have mentioned a time or two (okay, probably like twenty times or two), I absolutely love the combination of peanut butter and chocolate.  I am game for trying basically… Continue reading

Here Fishy Fishy

As you may have figured out by now from reading my blog, I am a big fan of tacos/Mexican fare.  Tacos are certainly one of my most favorite foods and I try not… Continue reading

I’m Sorry I Ate You

It is 2012 and yet we still bake gingerbread cookies in the shape of little people.  Really?  Don’t you feel so bad eating the little gal or guys body and just going on… Continue reading


I really love living in Naples.  I enjoy almost everything about it.  One major downfall is the fact that we do not have a Lozanos.  I need to either drive an hour to… Continue reading

A Minty Ending

Well, Christmas has come and gone…very quickly as usual.  I hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas and ate plenty of good food.  I had a great Christmas, was around great family and… Continue reading